There aren’t enough “Buh?”s in the world for this one.

This, is from the Official Obama Tumblr page.

I’m assuming it’s illegal to write this “This is the Obama 2012 campaign’s official home on Tumblr.” on a non-Obama Approved website. Even as I find it hard to believe that even the Obama campaign’s sycophants would put this out.

That’s hilarious.

No, that’s fucking ridiculously hilarious.
Update:I forgot to link the post instead of just the pic, notice the URL includes “Today in Cool“. That’s makes it hilariously more hilarious. /update

I bet a dollar Stoaty Weasel, Slublog and Iowahawk are absolutely going to beOUTRAGED!!!!! they didn’t think of this first.

Introspection, they has none.
Another update:

If anybody sees this on a shirt, shoot me an email. I already have 2 orders.

another update, You can get it on a T-shirt!

Another update, while S. Weasel didn’t think of the Capt America bit first, she did make it funnier.

I bow before her greatness.
No word on whether that’s available from her Zazzle store.

  1. DejahThoris says:

    You missed the best part of it! Above the DONATE button it has this statement”:

    “The other guys have corporate lobbyists and special interests on their side; we’ve got you.”

    emphasis is mine.

  2. Not that Greg says:

    Ah, if only I could count on Disney/Marvel Enterprises to issue a cease-and-desist letter because of the helmet shown in the picture. But we all know that will never happen.

  3. S. Weasel says:

    […] everybody’s talking about this thing. It’s really and truly from the official Obama Tumblr. And Gabriel Malor said it looked like […]

  4. […] Zilla’s Facebook page and DoublePlusUndead, this came from the Obama website tumbler pictures. This is worse than Twilight fan fiction.  […]

  5. […] my mind boggled by this [CAUTION adult language at […]

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