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Funniest Item Of…. The Last Hour Or So.

Posted: March 23, 2012 by veeshir in HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

I hate stealing from Ace considering that most of our 6 readers also read there, but this is just too damn funny and we need some a new post.

Some Kazakhs won a medal in shooting so the geniuses running the award ceremony played the made-up anthem from Borat for them.

Okay, that’s darn funny. I wouldn’t want to be those people. First, it was a shooting event. Second, you really don’t want to piss of Kazakhs. Just ask any of their neighbors. There’s a reason we use “Cossack” as a synonym for “bloodthirsty savage who’s gonna rape you, your wife, your kids and your dog”.

It’s even funnier that the film was banned in Kuwait, where this event happened.

Okay, the only way they could make that funnier would have been if they played the East German national anthem from Top Secret! when Germany wins a medal.

I’ve been through all 7 stages of grief for the death of my country.

1. Shock and Denial: There has to be a better candidate. There wasn’t.

2. Pain and Guilt: Mostly pain. Collective guilt that America is getting what we deserve.

3. Anger and Bargaining: Anger at the GOP, hoping against hope to get a better candidate. Perry was the epitome of this stage, sure he wasn’t very good, but man, he surely seemed like a bargain compared to the competition.

4. Depression: I still can’t really blog about politics, the depression on that score is just too deep. We’re so fucked.

5. The Upward Turn: Laughing at exactly how hilarious this all is. Sure it’s as endy as can be, but it’s been pretty darn funny (see previous post).

6. Reconstruction and Working Through: Eh, you gotta do what you gotta do.

7. Acceptance. Fucking Romney. Sure he’s not going to roll back much of what Obama has done, my only hope is that he doesn’t veto if Congress repeals Obamacare.

While I’ve said he won’t be much different from Obama, he will be far different in one way, he won’t be be able to wipe his ass on the Constitution. Our fine media betters would not have let him do what Obama has done extra- and anti-Constitutionally. They would have been all over his ass.

And for that, we need fucking Romney. Son of a bitch.

I’ve seen some arguments about the Supreme Court, but that’s just silly.

First, no conservative justices will retire while Obama is pres and if liberal ones do, where’s he gonna find someone as leftish as Ruth Bader, “don’t look to the US Constitution” Ginsberg? The worst thing that can happy is that Scalia or Thomas retires and Romney appoints a fucking squish like, oh, say Thomas or O’ “We need affirmative action for a few more years”Connor.

So actually the Supreme Court justice route is a bad argument for Romney, but the way Obama is turning our whole country into a Chicago-machine-political unit is possibly the most dangerous threat to our nation since FDR. And allowing him another 4 years to siphon $trillions of our and our great-grandkids money to left wing groups would be fucking horrible beyond belief.

Update: Forgot to say this post at the Puppy Blender’s about Santorum saying Obama is preferable to Romney (fucking tool) made me write this post, I’ve been thinking it for a couple weeks and finally wrote it.

There aren’t enough “Buh?”s in the world for this one.

This, is from the Official Obama Tumblr page.

I’m assuming it’s illegal to write this “This is the Obama 2012 campaign’s official home on Tumblr.” on a non-Obama Approved website. Even as I find it hard to believe that even the Obama campaign’s sycophants would put this out.

That’s hilarious.

No, that’s fucking ridiculously hilarious.
Update:I forgot to link the post instead of just the pic, notice the URL includes “Today in Cool“. That’s makes it hilariously more hilarious. /update

I bet a dollar Stoaty Weasel, Slublog and Iowahawk are absolutely going to beOUTRAGED!!!!! they didn’t think of this first.

Introspection, they has none.
Another update:

If anybody sees this on a shirt, shoot me an email. I already have 2 orders.

another update, You can get it on a T-shirt!

Another update, while S. Weasel didn’t think of the Capt America bit first, she did make it funnier.

I bow before her greatness.
No word on whether that’s available from her Zazzle store.

Cry me a river, jackass. Your precious little elitist ever so creative company is focusing on the market? And leaving you behind? Poor baby!

I’ve always been intrigued by the Apple fanboys who act as if Steve Jobs was some kind of selfless artist who only wanted to create pretty things for the artistic class to play with. Um. No. He was an utterly ruthless businessman who saw a market niche and exploited the hell out of that. I say that with all respect. And now Apple is looking around, saying “Yeah, we want that money there, screw you” and the whining is starting. Seriously, only a Muntz ha HA can properly express my response.

Good News Everybody /Professor Farnsworth, Obama’s Smart Diplomacy(tm) directed at getting the world to tut-tut and frown most vigorously at Syria is paying off!!! The Russians are sending troops!

Now the Russian Black Sea fleet’s Iman tanker has arrived in the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean Sea with an anti-terror squad from the Russian Marines aboard according to the Interfax news agency. The Assad government has insisted it is fighting a terrorist insurgency.

Eh, so they’re going to help Assad, at least they’re sending troops, right?

Saw it at Gateway Pundit

Word up…

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Intellesting, velly intellesting.

From a chart at that Open link, I took out some stuff that I didn’t care about.

Candidate                     Total Raised        Cash on Hand                         % From Small Indivs
Barack Obama (D)    $136,886,599           $75,953,128                        47%

Mitt Romney (R)       $62,706,797            $$7,677,629                      10%

Ron Paul (R)                $30,868,051             $1,644,815                          47%

Newt Gingrich (R)    $18,142,387              $1,788,590                          48%

Rick Santorum (R)    $6,689,808               $1,474,064                          49%

Okay, there’s a lot that’s interesting in that (truncated chart)

First, notice that Obama has raised more and has more cash on hand than all the other candidates together (not just I left in, but all of them, including the people who dropped out long ago).

Somehow I doubt we’ll hear much about that in the months to come when minitrue talks about the corrupting influence of money in politics.

Second, notice the “percent from small donors” column.

I would have expected Ron Paul to be much higher and Newt to be much lower. Ron Paul because, well, he’s Ron Paul. Newt because we keep hearing about a small number of mega donors who are giving him money to keep him in the race.

Also, notice Romney’s number.  Hmmmmm, 10%. There’s not much grass roots in the Romney column but the most money, more than the rest combined, of all the (R)s.

And some people give me a hard time when I call him the “establishment candidate”.

Click the link, Open Secrets is a great resource for all your “money in politics” needs.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of only two laws on campaign finance. One is “no money from furriners” and the other is “make sure I can find out who’s giving you money”. Money is speech and political speech should be the freest.

One question, how much alcohol was involved?

I mean, riding a unicycle is difficult enough but to do it wearing that get-up, playing bagpipes and hammered, that’s impressive.

Via the Lumberjack

Anna Semenovich makes her return…

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This time in some Russian cooking show.  I have no idea what they are cooking, except it seems to involve beets, but frankly who cares?

Anna, if you happen to read this I should point out that I am single and by the standards of most of sub-Saharan Africa, or Cold War era Russia I am relatively successful. Just throwing it out there.