Triskaidekaph…..Uh, What Were We Talking About?

Posted: April 13, 2012 by veeshir in Hotassery, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

It’s Friday the 13th (Aaaahhhhhhhh), so what’s a good post for today?

Black cats of course, specifically, the question that has baffled scientists for decades: Who’s the hottest Catwoman? Sure, they’re all hot, but who’s the hottest?

First, we have Julie Newmar

It’s hard to ar…. well, it’s hard.

She has curves in places where other women don’t even have places and it’s all natural. The only silicon there is in her suit.

Next, we have another, all natural, 60s Catwoman. Eartha Kitt

Day-ummmmm. I’ve always liked her. I’d say she was the sexiest and most sensual, but I don’t know if I’d call her the hottest.

Next, the other 60s Catwoman, Lee Meriwether

Da comrade, you could put your eye out with those, she’s…. you’re going to have to give me a minute……….

Okay, I’m back. Where were we? Oh yeah.

Now we’re getting into modern times.

Michele Pfeiffer

Eh, I think she’s hot, but that movie sucked and she makes me think more of whips and chains than Catwoman.Wasn’t she in Pulp Fiction in that outfit? Zed’s dead honey, Zed’s dead.

Now we’re up to Oscar Winner, Halle Berry

Definitely impressively mammalian but I’ve never really liked her all that much. She’s the black Jeniffer Aniston with a less impressive set and inferior acting skills. And it’s darn hard to have inferior acting skills to Jeniffer.

And now the latest Catwoman, or rather, the next Catwoman, Ann Hathaway

Attempting to answer the age-old question, can you do a cat doggy-style? I’d say “Yes”, but I think it needs more research. I’d like to put myself forward for that research. I dig Ann, she’s kind of a nitwit, but she’s surely hot.

But I have to go with the former Miss America, Lee Meriwether

Purrrrrrrrfect. I’d love to see her in just the boots, the mask and the ears.

Wow, I need a smoke after that. Catwomen are hotter even than Maid Marians. It’s good that the original Batman started the trend so impressively, each iteration has a high bar to clear.

Below the fold, in honor of BAG Day week, something long and hard that’s not in my pants.

That’s an H&R Handi-Rifle in .500 S&W. I got it because I like rifle/pistol combos so I needed a rifle in that caliber and the lever action from Big Horn Armory seems to be vaporware. It cost less than $200, but it’s loads of fun to shoot. It goes BOOOOOOOM!!!!!!


  1. Julie’s always been my favorite. If I find an episode on TV, and it’s got her, I’ll stay. Can’t say the same for Eartha.

  2. geoff says:

    Kinda wondering how Ewa Sonnet would fare in one of those outfits. I’m very optimistic about her prospects.

  3. Broken Andy says:

    “She’s the black Jeniffer Aniston with a less impressive set and inferior acting skills. And it’s darn hard to have inferior acting skills to Jeniffer.”


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