A Religion for the 21st Century

Posted: April 17, 2012 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Green Goofs, It's Science!


Okay, that’s funny. If global warmmongers didn’t exist, I would have to make them up to get a laugh.

Remember when the Himalayan glaciers were going to disappear by 2035? A fantastical reduction of, I think but can’t find the numbers right now, of 10 miles a year? Well, they’re expanding.

So what’s the cause? Geez, you obviously haven’t been paying attention to even ask that question.

that climate change can cause extra precipitation into cold regions which, if they are cold enough, gets added to the existing mass of ice.


Global worming is a religion with a particularly vengeful god wreaking plagues like flooding, drought, shrinking glaciers, growing glaciers, more tornadoes, fewer tornadoes, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, less snow, more snow, heat, cold, the Nile turning to blood, the first born dyi… (sorry, wrong religion), on an imprius world.

The funniest part, as always, is how your average global warmmonger calls me anti-science for not believing in their religion. That’s why I just make fun of them after a pro forma attempt to debate the actual facts and science.

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