Always fashionably late: My BAG Day Purchase

Posted: April 21, 2012 by doubleplusundead in This Is My BOOMSTICK!

As I said, the plan was a S&W 642 unless an awesome deal on something else (Read: Kickass Deal on a gently used 3″ or less K-frame) came up, and even then, I was kinda eh, I wanted a small, light .38 or .357 that I can throw in a pocket and go, and the 642 is about perfect for that purpose.  The shop had an old .32 S&W that was beautiful, but I really would have a hard time carrying and beating on such a lovely gun, I’m not going to feel bad beating a 642, plus the internal hammer on the 642 is going to draw much nicer, no snagging.

Is going to…does.


Yep, got the 642, as I said I probably would.  Right, pics,

S&W 642 with my SOG Twitch II, which I really like, but I really fucking need to sharpen.  The grips are different, but I kinda like’em, they’re wood, so they don’t tend to stick to the fabric of your pocket, and the gator skin looking pattern tends to give it a nice grip in your hand.  I’m gonna get a Nemesis holster for pocket carry (unless someone has a better suggestion), since that seems to be the one most people like, and I’m gonna pick up some 5-Star Speedloaders (they are Moronblogger Approved! after all) and Bianchi Speed Strips.

As you can see, smallish, said smallness amplified by my big fat hamhands.

I’ll post a side by side with my 6″ 686P when WordPress decides it wants to download the pic,

And Veeshir sends along this pic of additional ammo he ordered on BAG Day, I may be watching clips from Zulu right now…may.

 Anyone else got a BAG Day purchase?

  1. veeshir says:

    Nice. I like the grips. Especially, as you say, for pocket carry where it won’t catch on stuff in your pockets.
    The normal, rubber grips would grab your money and other pocket filler and fling it all over the place, like the cover I got for my smart phone.

    I don’t know about holsters, you might want to check Say Uncle’s or Marooned’s archives, they both do reviews of holsters all the time.

  2. utredneck says:

    Plus, I ordered a pair of custom-marked AR lowers, since my beloved wife came to me and said “Build me a rifle.” How could I refuse?

  3. utredneck says:

    Oh, and congrats on the new heater. builds some excellent concealment rigs.

  4. doubleplusundead says:

    Like the Beretta, always thought they were interesting.

  5. phat says:

    I ordered a new ‘spam can’ of 7.63×45 ammo for my Moisin/Nagant sniper rifle.

    This weapon is the ‘belle of the ball’ when you take it to the range. Damn, it is loud, but very, very accurate. For a 60 yr old weapon, it is awesome. Don’t have a practical purpose for it, but it’s cool having it and the bayonet is BEYOND AWESOME!

    This is the rifle used in the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates’, but it is much louder in person.

  6. Russ from Winterset says:

    Not to nitpick, but the design of the Mosin Nagant is 121 years old (1891). That’s back when the great John Moses Browning was still hitting his stride. And it’s “7.62×54”, which was probably just a typo on your part. But you’re right; those cans of surplus ammo are one of the few true bargains left out there. 440 rounds of FMJ ammo for about $.20 to .25 a round? Oh yeah.

    I like mine as well, and it’s accuracy is pretty damn good for a rifle designed to be operated by the Tsar’s illiterate peasants. Not the fastest bolt action around, but I like shooting it. As far as I’m concerned, if you own one, having a copy of “Enemy at the Gates” should be mandatory.

  7. phat says:


    Yeah, I meant ’54’.

    The manufacture date on mine was 1928.

  8. Russ from Winterset says:

    I’ve got one that’s from the late 20’s as well, plus a Model 38 carbine (a rifle trimmed down after the fact to have a 20″ barrel) that’s dated from the early 40’s. The carbine is nice to handle, but the muzzle blast & noise are excessive, to say the least.

    I put a “scout scope” mount on my rifle (a pistol scope mounted in place of the rear sight so that it doesn’t interfere with using loading clips in the action), but the carbine’s got a set of Mojo double ghost ring sights (front & rear sights are both open rings) on it that make it faster to use in the woods.

  9. doubleplusundead says:

    Aha, the grips are a Talo limited run…mystery solved.

  10. Warlord1958 says:

    Uncle Mikes has a good pocket holster. I have a S&W 638, changed the grips to standard J frame wood w/ medallions and added a bronze Tyler grip adapter. I’m old school. For front pocket carry, you can’t beat Carhartt work pants. Nice deep pockets, and you can draw in a heartbeat.

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