Gun question: semiauto rifle and handgun taking the same ammo?

Posted: April 21, 2012 by socklessjoe in Notes on the Revolution, You'll pry 'em from my cold dead hands, Zombies!

A fake intertubes friend of mine posed this question.  I’m not sure it’s an entirely good idea, but for shits and giggles I thought I’d throw it out to the Moron Nation:

Fake Intertubes Friend:

Gun nut friends: Looking to purchase a semiautomatic rifle and handgun that take the same ammo. What’s the low hanging fruit, here? 9mm?

It was later pointed out that he was looking for “something with a bit more pop” than .22.

I guess I’ll ask this since my friend didn’t — is this even a good idea?  Which brings us to the purpose of the question:

For this particular purpose, all-purpose defense and emergency hunting. The former will actually be taken care of separately by a 12 gauge. The long-gun is for the emergency hunting and super-emergency (and exceedingly unlikely) defense.

The handgun, mostly, is so I have one. I am not entirely sure they will always be so easy to acquire. So while I don’t really have a need for one now, I might someday. And if that day comes, I want to be prepared.

The ammo decision is so I can lay in a significant amount and not have to worry overmuch about which goes with which. And I would also prefer it to be common and easy to find, or (if necessary) scavenge.

I guess I understand the desire to not care what ammo goes with which weapon, but in a scavenge situation, I think having two different calibers makes more sense.

In related news, bleeding zombie targets.

Also, cob-loggers, what does the “L.L.A.P.H.” category stand for?


  1. doubleplusundead says:

    LLAPH, Life, Liberty And Pursuit of Happiness, the finer things in life.

    There are tons of pistol caliber carbines that share ammunition, and in some cases magazines. Veeshir is a bit of a pistol caliber carbine enthusiast, so I’d seek out his opinion in particular. The Beretta Storm is an option, you can get Beretta pistols that will share magazines as well. Keltec has the SUB-2000, which will share with Glocks, and some of the S&W and Beretta autos. If you want a 1911 in .45, you can get a Marlin Camp Carbine as a partner. Again, used market but Ruger has a rifle that shared mags with its P series pistols, the P series guns are pig ugly and built like bricks, but by most accounts I’ve heard they’re reliable.

  2. doubleplusundead says:

    pistol caliber carbines are a handy thing, that’s why they made revolvers and lever action rifles in the same chambering in the 1800s.

    • Irfan says:

      Given their constructive posiessson crap with regards to Full-Auto stuff, SBR’s & registered receivers it’s sadly not a stretch at all to see the ATF claim that posiessson of a hacksaw and a shotgun violates NFA laws for SBS’s. What’s the language they use readily restorable and / or convertible? Have the shotty & saw and you’ve got a gun that can be readily converted into an illegal NFA short-barrelled shotgun.They already use that EXACT rationale for many NFA convictions.

  3. veeshir says:

    Ever since I read about a cowboy in a Zane Grey book who made sure he had the same caliber in his rifle and pistol, I’ve loved the idea.

    I now have a bunch of them so I can give you some ideas, saving the best idea for last.
    My personal favorite is the 1911/Tommy gun combo, but perhaps not so good if it’s your only combo.
    I also have a Ruger New Model Blackhawk in .30 carbine to go with an M-1 carbine. The rifle is great, the pistol is pretty much just for fun.
    Lever actions in magnums, like .44 and .357, are fun but not semi-auto in either one. Big Horn Armory keeps talking about making a .500 S&W lever action, but 3 years later it’s still vaporware.

    The Beretta Storm combo is y favrorite. I have a pair in .40S&W, the problem is the carbines have different mag wells so you might have to change it or at least make sure you have the right one. I did.
    You can get .45ACP, .40S&W or 9mm.
    I think the 9mm versions all take the same mags as the 92, but I’m not sure. Check with Beretta on that.
    That might be the best combo if you want 9mm. The 92 is probably their best auto. I’m not a huge fan of my PX-4 Storm, it’s a little sloppy, but the 92 isn’t. The carbine is a blast and it has lots of options, rails everywhere, top, bottom and sides, for all manner of stuff hanging off it, if you’re so inclined. I have a front pistol grip and a laser on mine.

    There are others, like the High-Point, but I don’t like cheap guns. I don’t go ridiculously high dollar, I’d never get a crazy Kimber 1911 for instance, but I don’t like to go cheap.
    Some makers, like Sig for instance, make an accessory that turns a pistol into a carbine. If you want to spend high, that’s a decent idea. I like Sigs a lot.

    I kept putting posts in the LLAPH category until someone told me what it was, Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

  4. doubleplusundead says:

    I guess I’ll ask this since my friend didn’t — is this even a good idea?

    It’s a valid idea, particularly if they share magazines, you always have a gun you can use the ammo and mags for, even if one goes down. Being able to carry one type of ammo is very handy, and for most bad situations, a pistol caliber carbine and pistol combo are practical, light and simple, and pistol ammo takes up less space. If all hell breaks loose and you need to defend yourself, it’s gonna probably be under 100 yards, and even more likely 50 yards or less, which a pistol caliber carbine is gonna handle just fine.

    That is even more simplified by revolvers and lever actions, you remove the magazines out of the equation on top of it all. My bias is toward wheelguns, lever actions and pump shotguns, so I’m partial to a pairing of a .357 revolver and a .357 lever rifle, if I’m looking to make a matching caliber pair.

    Plus as far as scavenging, if you’ve hit the point of worrying if you’re gonna be able to find ammo through scavenging, odds are you’ve either already perished or shot some other poor bastard and took his guns and ammo anyway.

  5. Russ from Winterset says:

    Yeah. I’m with DPUD. My Rossi M92 clone & the Ruger GP100 are a wicked combo. The .357 mag isn’t as powerful as the .44 magnum, but it’s a good compromise between “big boomer” and poodleshooter. Plus, if you’re worried about “scavenging”, remember the .357 will run on BOTH its namesake ammo and .38 special ammo. The .38 special ain’t a worldbeater out of the carbine, but it’s several steps up the ladder from throwin’ rocks & wielding a pointed stick.

    As far as semiauto combos go, I like the idea of the Marlin Camp Carbine. I’ve been toying with getting a Kel-Tec Sub 2000, but I just need a nudge to get me off the fence. One of my coworkers is planning on getting a HiPoint carbine, and I went to a gunshow with him to “window shop”. Unfortunately, NOBODY had a Sub2000 so that we could do a comparison, so I’m still pondering. The KelTec has the advantage of being able to use high capacity pistol mags (up to 33 rounds in the Glock variant, with the Beretta one going to 30 rounds) AND it folds up neatly to about 17 inches total. The downside is that the folding means you can’t mount optics on the carbine, unless you get some Rube Goldberg swing-out rig. So if you want optics (red dot or holographic sight probably), you need to go with the Hi Point and it’s 10 round capacity – if you want capacity, you go with the KelTec and learn to use the open sights.

    How about an eastern block pistol/rifle combo? Get the CZ52 pistol, and find a PPs 41 or 43 carbine to go with it. The surplus 7.62×25 isn’t as cheap as it used to be (I bought a bunch for less than $0.10 a round about 8 years ago), but it’s still relatively affordable. You won’t get magazine interchangability, but you will have ammo interchangability.

    • doubleplusundead says:

      Even sharing ammo has advantages, and opens up your choices significantly, you can get all kinds of semi-auto rifles in pistol cartridges, you can get AR variants in .45 and I think 9mm, as well as more exotic fare such as 5.7×28 and 10mm.

    • Maggot, servant of Pestilence says:

      Thureon Defense now has a “GA” model capable of taking Glock mags. This gives ya a viable option to Kel Tec’s Sub2K. The controls on the GA model is a bit closer to an AR-15 styled carbine, while the Sub2K is closer to pistol styled layout.

  6. Goober says:

    WInchester 94 lever gun in .357 mag with a Smith model 66 .357 hip howitzer. The mod 94 in .357 is hefty enough to take deer at close ranges. The smith 66 is powerful enough to kill all sorts of 2 legged varmints.

    Although I don’t recommend worrying about having similar ammo for both, because even though they are the same caliber, chances are you will use different ammo in them, anyway, to take advantage of the strengths/weaknesses of each. I recommend leverevolution for the rifle. Maybe also for the pistol, but more likely gold dot.

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