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Posted: April 28, 2012 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Obama's Fault, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

I don’t remember hearing about this.(warning, NY Times link, they don’t deserve the clicky, but I saw this at Ace’s and it pissed me off)

I wish I hadn’t heard about it because it’s freaking infuriating and makes me ashamed of my gov’t.In an article about a guy seeking asylum at our embassy in China they relate this story

In February… Wang Lijun, the former top police official from the region of Chongqing, sought refuge in the American Consulate in Chengdu… and he was turned over to Chinese officials, prompting criticism from some in Washington about their handling of the case. Both sides insist Mr. Wang left of his own accord.


Not just Obama for turning this guy over to be tortured and killed, but the fucking NY Times for covering for Obama inserting the bit about how he left of “his own accord”. Yeah, I’m fucking sure both Obama and the fucking the murderous thugs running China would say that, it doesn’t make it true or even plausible. Minitrue just has to cover for their God-President so they will cover up whatever he does that is bad.

Also notice the bit about how it received criticism “from some”. Obviously just Obama-hating jerks, there’s no reason to criticize him for this statesmanlike move. Assholes.

And what was that guy’s deal?

Mr. Wang revealed details about the killing of a British businessman, setting off a cascade of events that led to the downfall of Bo Xilai, who was the party chief in Chongqing and a member of China’s Politburo. American diplomats said they had determined that Mr. Wang’s case did not involve national security,

So the murderous thugs running China killed a Brit and the thugs did what they do, found a scapegoat. Whenever they get caught being murderous and/or corrupt, pick a scapegoat and our fine media betters never seem to be upset about it.

I am surprised they didn’t kill him, of course, I’d bet they did, but nobody reported it if it happened.

And notice the bit about how it didn’t involve national security, the murderous commie thugs killing a citizen of one of our closest and m0st trustworthy allies (with Canada and Australia) and it has nothing to do with national security.

Motherfuckers. This really pisses me off.

If you had told me in 2008 that I would be rooting for Romney to become POTUS I would have smacked you in the forehead for being stupid.

Sigh.Sometimes the funny ain’t worth the endy.

Saw it at Ace’s where RD Brewer also shows another shameful episode from Obama, the Dalai Lama going out the back door of the White House, past a trash pile.

I almost put in some hotassery, but this post needs a boomstick. A big boomstick

That’s a .50 Beowulf on a Bushmaster lower. It goes BOOOM! Notice the mag, it’s the same size as a 30 round for a .223 but it holds 10 rounds of half inch, boomy, goodness.

I really want to meet some Marines so I can get them to take me to their range and put this baby on a select-fire M-4. This thing in 3 round burst would be all about teh destruction.

  1. MikeD says:

    SMOD has let us down. Well… at least I like the weapon.

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