Reward for SWATter

Posted: May 29, 2012 by vinegarandlisterine in Brett Kimberlin, Liberal FAIL, Liberal Fascism, Moronosphere, What the fuck did they blow up now?

Lee Stranahan has offered a $1,000 reward to whoever can provide the information leading to the arrest and conviction of the coward who SWATted Erick Erickson, Mike Stack and Patterico.  Others have kicked in to bring the reward to over $8,000.

If you’re interested in committing to chipping in, you can do so at the link.  If you’re convinced the douchebag will never be caught and are a gambling man, feel free to make a commitment along the lines of a million bucks, of course.  You’ll look really good and may never have to pay up.

In case you’re wondering what this has to do with any of us, keep in mind that these twatwaffles have announced that they’re interested in revealing the identity of our Head Moron, just as they did to Aaron Worthing.   Any of us who have delighted in the ability to blog without, well, getting SWATted, may consider this a personal attack.

  1. Reblogged this on Femininican and commented:
    Easy money for someone who has the goods on these terrorist fucksticks. Why stay loyal to soulless fucks who may one day turn on YOU, too, when you can make some fast cash by throwing them under the bus & putting them in a place where they cannot have at you to boot? How about it, LIBERALS? You know those fuckers targeted a lefty blogger too, don’t you? They don’t CARE about your political ideology, they will do this shit to absolutely ANYONE, even YOU.

  2. The “lazy blogger’s” reblog button goes directly to my alternate blog, because that one is a site, so I’ve been making use of it since I don’t really bother to watch my language there and the lazy button makes it soooo easy. I try not to curse too much on my main site, since I learned that my mother-in-law actually reads my work! 😉 I do warn her in advance though if I feel that I need to go on a tear, like when everyone got their panties in a wad over dead terrorists getting peed on by our HERO Marines.

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