Roundup: Revenge of the Roundup

Posted: June 17, 2012 by socklessjoe in Conservatism, Fucking Markets, It's Science!, News, Random Crap

This whole having-a-job thing has seriously cut into my seemingly pointless blogging habit.  Anywho…

Oh joy, The Black Death is back.  Bring out yer dead.

So we’re back to the “racism” thing again with criticism of Obama. I am simultaneously exasperated and amused.  The left is like a dog with a bone with this whole racism thing.

Cancel my subscription to the Jeb Bush Super-fan newsletter.  I actually don’t care that he rebuffed the Norquist pledge, but don’t invoke Reagan’s name to slam conservatives.  Not cool.  Bad Jeb!

Apparently the Obamacare IPAB is worse than I thought from a constitutionality perspective.

I hate to disagree with Jimmy P’s call to break up the banks, but I don’t think that ultimately solves the problem.  I’d be much more inclined to address the problem from a capitalization/leverage standpoint.

Permabull Larry Kudlow wonders whether we’re in (another) global recession. Oh boy. (By the way, corporations aren’t hoarding as much cash as you think.)

I should have just gone into quantum physics.

Don’t forget, two-hour “Falling Skies” on Sunday.

  1. aliceaitch says:

    Would you be especially shocked to hear that plague is a natural, regular occurrence in Colorado? The squirrels in City Park (fucking plague rats – I hate squirrels) are infected. City Park is near the Denver Zoo, and it ends up periodically getting transmitted into zoo animals. We have a human case about once a year. I think this year we’re going to be lucky – temperatures have to be a little more, well, temperate, and moisture has to be up, and right now we have neither of those conditions.

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