Round the ‘Tubes, Other Stuff Going On Edition

Posted: July 24, 2012 by veeshir in China, Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Mideast Madness, News

While we’ve been paying attention to Colorado and Syria, the rest of the world has been happily riding their handbasket to their ordained destiny.

(update: Click all links at your own risk. DPUD does not take responsibility for you clicking a website of our enemies, like the NY Times or Al Jazeera)

In EUnuchstan, Greece is still heavily boned.  Their economy is likely to shrink around 7% this year, according to their PM. Which means it’s likely to shrink more.

Spain’s borrowing at ridiculous rates.  Probably almost as much as Obama.

The bright spot in EUnuchstan is Serbia,  That’s where you go for sex change operations.  So if you really like sloppy vaginas, that’s where you can go to get your own.

As they say in “Blood Diamonds”, TIA. This is Africa. (Is anybody else positive that Jennifer Connelly went out and bought a diamond necklace after making that movie?)

Congo is still going through their civil war/murderous rampage/cannibalistic frenzy. At least now the UN is shooting back. I’d say that’s what happens when your opponents eat people.

al Quaeda is strengthening their hold on Nigeria.

Ghana’s elected president died, they’re not saying how. The VP was sworn in right away. In some countries I’d buy it at face value. In Africa? I wonder if the VP wasn’t happy about being second.

Egypt is taking time out from their planning on blowing up the pyramids to open the border with PLOistan….Gaza.  Hmmmm, I wonder if Israel could convince Egypt to take Gaza back? Eh, they probably shouldn’t. They’ll just have to take it back the next time Egypt tries to invade.

In Asian news, China is getting all frisky in the South China Sea and getting all belligerent with Vietnam, India and the Philippines.

They’ve built a nice, new city in a disputed region and are making noises about establishing a military presence in the Sudetenland…uhhhh…. Sansha (where they built the city they now ‘unexpectedly’ have to protect).

The Armenia/Azerbaijan, Karbakh deal is heating up a little more. “Never get involved in a land war in Asia” is hard to follow when you’re a mostly land-locked, Asian country.

In lighter news, North Korea is feeling all ignored.  Something, something, nuclear,  blah, blah, we’ll kill you all.

Yawn. The only people outside NoKo who care about the new, poofy-stomached maniac all live in Seoul.

Eh, depressing. Since I mentioned Jennifer Connelly, well, I have to put in some of her hottassery. It’s in the style guide.

Otto Titzlinger would be proud.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the nicest tits of all? (the ones you’re either looking at or fondling, of course)

Stomach in, chest out!

I know I’m standing at attention.

So fresh, so firm, so fully packed.

Does anybody else need a cig?

  1. Nice world round-up. Since Hubby is back from the hellhole that is the Sinai, I have been reluctant to follow Egypt’s shit. Frankly, I’m ok with them blowing up the pyramids. At least they would stop being hypocrites.

    And can you believe she had a breast reduction?? Jennifer Conelly, I mean. Not Egypt. Egypt is still full of boobs.

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