The Olympics: All That’s Right With The World

Posted: July 28, 2012 by veeshir in FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah

I think it was Socrates who said it best, “You don’t get the funny without the endy.”*

The Olympic Committee acts like “Internationalists” everywhere yet, for some inexplicable reason, people seem to think is not an inherently evil organization.

In today’s exciting episode, we see fine Olympic values on display.
First, no remembrance of the murdered Israelis 40 years ago in Munich. Wouldn’t want to bring up a painful episode that can only cause remorse in some nations’ contingents (The ones who don’t like that the Israelis killed the Freedom Fighters involved, of course).

Next, we have a kinda hot, Greek triple jumper (pauses for dirty jokes about jumping) kicked out for this over the top, racist tweet.

‘With so many Africans in Greece, at least the West Nile mosquitoes will eat home made food!’

Quelle horreur. Obviously beyond the pale. Especially since she’s so….pale.
So what sort of statements and gestures are A-OK with the IOC?
Oh, the Lebanese judo team refuses to train near the damn, dirty Jews….errrr…uhhhh….Israelis. It’s not Jew-hatred, it’s protest against the policies of Israel. Wait, you mean there are Jews there? Huh.
While some Syrian Olympic poo-bah is saying that the Army is protecting Teh Peepul in Syria.
No, really. I wouldn’t kid you. Well, I would kid you, but I’m not kidding you this time.
Khayata says the army is trying to “protect people and keep them safe.” He says that laying the siege to the country’s largest city “is maybe the way to stop bloodshed throughout Syria.”

Wait, did he just say, “We have to blow up the country to save it”? Seriously?

Okay, that’s funny. And endy, considering what he’s talking about. Especially considering his family is in Aleppo.


So a semi-funny tweet  and a remembrance of some murdered Jews are too terrible to even contemplate, but Jew hatred and defending war-crimes murderers are just fine.

Yup, the Olympics. What’s Right With the World.


*Loosely translated from something he said at a Symposium, a more….picky translator might put it as, “The genius of Comedy and Tragedy are the same, and should be written by the same authors

An example of what the IOC deprived us of.

She has a nose you could fish off, but still kinda hot.

And limber.

  1. Kowboy says:

    Well since she’s not competing she could keep in shape by triple jumping me. 🙂

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