Veep pick poll

Posted: July 29, 2012 by socklessjoe in Fun with Elections

The question is who will Romney pick, not who he should pick.

I admit to editorial prejudice in selecting the options, presented in alphabetical order.  The very tip-top tier is said to be Portman, Pawlenty, and Ryan.  I put in Jindal because he’s extremely competent, he understands Medicare better than just about anybody, and Romney would be foolish to dismiss him.  I’m putting in McDonnell because Romney could sure use some help in Virginia, and McDonnell surely wouldn’t hurt him with the base.

Notable omissions –and feel free to vote “other” and complain in the comments– Rubio and Rand Paul.  I think Rubio is a smidge short on experience, and will irritate the base with his immigration policy.  On the other hand, a truly balanced (not “comprehensive piece of [crap]”) immigration policy might be electorally helpful.  I mention Rand Paul because I keep seeing these persistent rumors of papa Paul speaking at the convention and a general atmosphere of comity between Mitt and Ron.

Poll closes after one week.

  1. I voted other and was going to say Allen West, but on closer inspection I realize I didn’t read the question eight as it’s not about who I want but what we’re likely to get, so I suppose if I had not wasted my vote I’d choose Jindal, he’s cool, hip, not namby pamby and as a bonus, he is not exactly a white guy. So take that race hustling grievance mongerers! I think Jindal could ‘fire up the base’ and help get people excited. I think he’s be the first Indian in that office, if I am not mistaken.You know how everyone loves a good “first (insert minority here) to (whatever)” story!
    We have a lot of India-Indian-Americans in this country, and they are mostly very smart, hard working and reasonable people, I think perhaps the could get excited for JIndal and help get us a nice untapped voting block.

  2. RiderInTheNight says:

    I also read the question wrong…lol. Allen West is at the top of my list. Since we have to settle for another spineless RINO candidate at least with a VP like Lt. Col West we would have someone with a spine and not afraid to be in your face when he needs to be. Why can’t we have a President like that? Tired of voting for wimpy spineless pussies to be leaders of the Greatest Country Ever.

  3. veeshir says:

    I picked “other”, I don’t know who it will be though, but that’s really a “none of the above” vote.
    I figure a long-shot is Rubio.
    Much more likely will be a wymyn.

    As we saw last election, the GOP establishment wants to run a female VP. They think they’re going to be prepared this time, they’ll make a “safe” choice.

    Boy will they be surprised when this one gets the full, “Palin” treatment.

    She’ll be too stupid to bake a cupcake in an EZ-Bake Oven by the time Minitrue gets done with her.

    If they went all out to destroy a woman last time for the sin of making one good speech about how sucky their God-President is, imagine what they’re gonna do this time if it looks as if the forces of Evil might win.

    Her kids will be juvenile delinquents, her husband a philandering alkie, she neglects her parents, kicks the dog, puts the TP in improper, overhand style and talks in the theater.

  4. anon says:

    I stand to nominate the Attorney General of Florida, Pamela Bondi, for the Republican Parties VP.

    Lots of chatter on this one AND, she happens to be up in NH stumpin for ol’ Mittens as I write this.

    She’s smart, articulate, young, anything but boring, determined, a fighter (she is/was the lead AG for file the suit against Obummercare (and she argued it in the SCOTUS.

    She’d win younger women, which mittens desperately needs but lost to the Marxist.

    The reasons are numerous.

  5. Sockless Joe says:

    I like Pam Bondi, but I don’t think she wins us younger women. Maybe let her run for Senator or Governor first.

    I think it will be Pawlenty, though I would love to see Jindal.

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