I like to think of them as Darwinballs…

Posted: August 1, 2012 by aliceaitch in Anklebiting rugrats, Nanny State, Parent of the Day, The Joys of Parenting

The CPSC has banned the sale of Buckyballs, ridding us of one of the easiest ways to weed out children whose parents are too stupid to breed.  (Srsly, who lets their 4-year-old play with rare earth magnets?)

  1. Elliott says:

    I just bought some, I’ve wanted to for a while but weeding out stupid children is just too worthy a cause.

  2. Mitchell says:

    The Parental Units bought me a small set last Christmas. I LOVE these things; they’re absolutely fascinating. So much so I eventually wound up buying a whole shitlo*d of them (>3000) so I could do bigger builds. If you find that you want to Go Big I’d suggest http://www.zenmagnets.com/ They’re better quality than buckyballs.

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