What We Need Are More Than A Billion Serfs

Posted: August 1, 2012 by veeshir in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery, Liberal FAIL, Notes on the Revolution, Occupy My Asscrack

Then we too can have 100 million people living at a 1960’s standard of living (with cooler electronics).

Elizabeth Warren is just a font of current, leftish, Conventional Wisdom Handed Down From On High and she can’t keep her mouth shut about it. Which makes her surprisingly useful.

Here she is praising China while wishing we were more like them.

The ad juxtaposes robust Chinese cranes and dump trucks with decaying American bridges and idle but sympathetic-looking American workers wearing hard-hats.

First, what about all that stimulizing? Wasn’t that supposed to be about infrastructure? So now you want a few $trillion more?

Second, this is how our fine, social, moral, political and intellectuals think. They really think China is a model instead of a commie hell-hole where the commie dictatorship works 95% of the population in conditions basically the same as 1,000 years ago (the biggest difference is a diesel “ox” that takes the place of the oxen in the rice paddies) while keeping the other 5% living at a non-shithole standard of living.

All wrapped up in a commie dictatorship.  What’s not to love? Besides, it’s been like 20 years since they last murdered democracy-agitators. And no, that’s not because the people have learned a lesson from their slaughter.

Of course, the reason people like Warren think China is a good model is because they think they’ll be the ones on top. All we dim folks from fly-over country will be benevolently guided by our betters so of course they deserve to have us support them in a manner befitting their place in the world.

You can tell they’re better and smarter because they’re all independent-minded, which you can tell by the way they all believe in the exact same things while ignoring any contrary facts… or else.

The worst part is that idea that they’re better and smarter than the rest of us permeates our whole political class, they just wish we would shut up, send them money and vote. The Tea Party is getting rid of those people slowly but surely.

Which brings up another funny thing. Contra our media and political betters, the Tea Party is the best way to avoid violence. If the occutards ever really become a national, broadly-based movement, chaos is the only possible result.

The different folks who make up the Tea Party are trying to get rid of crappy pols like Elizabeth Warren while putting in ones who aren’t economic illiterates with a huge sense of entitlement.

The other choice appears, to me at least, to be societal collapse and an occutard country. When you can’t pay for stuff, you won’t.

What happens when millions of old folks are no longer getting their social security and/or pensions? What happens when the choice is really and truly between paying the police or paying the various forms of welfare?  As an aside, I figure in that case California pays welfare and then, with all the police moved to Arizona and Utah, California turns all “Escape From LA”.  The other choice isn’t any better of course, but it has the virtue of not being surrender.

I figure the first response will be that the gov’t prints more and more money to pay that stuff and we have triple digit inflation.

Can’t happen? Yeah, it’s not as if it’s happened before.

Need hotassery, I have some Jeniffer Connelly pics left over from the last one.

Wait, that’s not Jeniffer Connelly. That’s from that great porn movie, The Reds are Cumming.

Here’s the hottasery.

Now breathe. Deep breaths please.

I’d bet that’s faked, but I don’t care.

She’s crying out for me to do dirty things to her.

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