We Are A Tool Using Species

Posted: August 2, 2012 by veeshir in Fun With Media, Notes on the Revolution

I say we use these tools.

Betsy’s Page finds a story about a guy who was the go-to guy for a whole slew of “journalists”, he got his quotes in articles from insomnia to collecting vinyl records. He knew nothing about what he was commenting on, he just liked seeing his name in the paper.

So, let’s use these tools. Start getting ridiculous quotes into stories, say stupid crap that fits their prejudices so they’ll get them in the story, it’ll be trumpeted by Minitrue, and then proven false.

Imagine someone saying that she’s one of Romney’s 5, secret, wives? (and how much funnier when a guy or Rosetta comes out as the originator of the quote?)  Or that Obama touched their child and it was healed? (True story, Obama’s first miracle was when he made a blind man poor).

We’d be able to do it over and over again until the Wash Post, CNN and the NY Times are shown to be nothing more than the punchlines on late night tv they really are.

Remember, we are a tool using species and these tools are crying out to be used.

I don’t remember where I saw this, I thought it was the Puppy Blender’s, but I can’t find the link.

Eh, let’s say I saw it at….. Nicole’s. We haven’t linked her excellent blog in a long time.  I would have said “Hookers and Booze“, but they use bad words and pictures there…. and we don’t need the competition.

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