Camden to dissolve police department

Posted: August 27, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Uncategorized

And replace them with a non-union force in order to control costs, the city can’t keep up with current contracts.  Expect this sort of thing to happen more often, the current levels of spending are just unsustainable.  All said, Camden is a crime-ridden hellhole already, I’d expect that it’s going to get real messy there during this transition, if I were a decent citizen of that city I’d be looking to GTFO or arm up as best as the Soviet of New Jersey will permit you.  I’d expect if it gets real bad to see some spillover into Philly, which is also a crime-ridden hellhole, but that’s Wyatt’s jurisdiction…I’m actually curious what he thinks of this whole thing, being a detective in Philly.  I also wonder if Camden’ll back down on dissolving the Camden PD.

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