Go Find Yourself!

Posted: September 12, 2012 by veeshir in Random Crap, Teh Funneh

Your Scandi Teh Funny of the Day.


Lost Woman Looks for Herself in Iceland’s Highlands


No, it’s not some hippy chick looking for a drum circle.

The backstory.

A foreign tourist was reported missing in the volcanic canyon Eldgjáin the southern highlands on Saturday afternoon after she failed to return to her tour bus….

However, the search was called off at 3 am when it turned out that the missing woman had been on the bus all along and even participated in the search for herself,


I guess all Americans look the same to them.


Via Lumberbrudi’s brudi.

I’m posting this to say I’ll be out of town for a few days so I probably won’t be posting till Monday.

What’s the difference between that and the last few weeks? I’ll be fucking freezing my ass off in Hampton Falls, NH instead of sweating it off in Apache Junction, AZ.

  1. scoop11 says:

    What are you going to be doing in Hampton Falls? It’s not SO bad right now up here…still the tail end of summer.

  2. Veeshir says:

    Family reunion. My brother lives there. I’m doing this in lieu of Christmas. I really don’t want to do December in NY.
    You in NH?

    • scoop11 says:

      Yeah, I live in Franklin. I’m not too far from Laconia. I describe my location as “Vacation Land” because I live near so many of the big lakes in the state.

  3. Lemur King says:

    A co-worker of mine whose mother was Korean and his dad is American says he gets all confused by British tv shows, partly because white folks all look alike to him.

    That one never gets old for me.

    If we were on good terms I’d say have a safe trip.

    If we were on good terms.

  4. Veeshir says:

    On top of eveeythibg else over his term, now we have the muslim world exploding and our ambassador and tiny escort killed while Obama is partying and fundraising and he still has a good chance of winning re-election.

    That’s darkly funny and darkly endy

  5. Berk says:

    Darkness during the end of civilization! Oh noes! Sheesh, TFG/JEF really cannot give a tinker’s damn about his professed native soil. go us… & a safe trip to you friend in a computer monitor! I work in Troy & the insanity that is the weather is varying between nasty mugginess and frigid frost- but hey NY is 2 states over!

  6. […] Berk, Troy (Schenectady rather) was fucking cold. I had to wear long pants, socks, shoes and a […]

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