Oh this’ll end well

Posted: September 17, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Democratic morality, Fucking Markets, Liberal Fascism

So one of the clauses in Obamacare is that soon 30 hours a week will be considered full time employment.  Here’s what’s going to happen with that, all the people who work on a part time basis on paper (i.e., they work 30+ hours a week, but are not considered full time for various reasons) are going to get fucked hard by this.  This is a very common thing in retail and restaurants and to a degree in trades and construction, it’s not that unusual in certain offices either, particularly on the lower end of the wage scale.  Those people are now going to get bumped back to 20-25 hours, or paid under the table if it’s an independent operation, major corporations aren’t going to pay under the table.  These workers will have to find an additional job to supplement their income, and they may already have two+ jobs already.  Of course everyone else is going to be doing the same, and as it is a lot of these base level jobs are being held by older people who are holding off leaving the workforce, and younger people with degrees who are stuck in lower jobs due to the bad economy.

The other thing will be the limitations on those employees, many of them are under conflict of interest clauses, as an example (I don’t know what any of these companies’ clauses are, this is a hypothetical), if you work at Toys’R’Us and primarily work in electronics and video game consoles, you might not be able to work at Gamestop or Best Buy due to conflict of interest clauses in your contract.   So then you have to hope that Petco, Bubba’s Lawn Care, McDonald’s or Family Dollar are hiring, and you’re going to have heavy competition for even those.  This is going to be devastating to anyone who is just starting out in the workforce, or someone of limited means trying to make a living or career, Obamacare is literally making it to where they don’t stand a prayer of success.  But hey, there’s always welfare to fall back on, right?

Socialism is fueled by hopelessness, human misery is more valuable than gold to them.

  1. Veeshir says:

    That worst part about that? It’s not that bad compared to the rest of it.

    • Inspector Asshole says:

      If 30 hours are going to be full time equivalency, then 32 hours could be ruled in some (leftist) states to be 2 hours of overtime at a mandatory rate of 1.5. This will mean that no one will be at 30 hours – they’ll all be at 20 if the company is run by someone who does fucking math and shit. Like, say, a business owner instead of a “community organizer” / communist agitator. Which explains what kind of mind was behind this idiocy.

  2. Lemur King says:

    In high tech non-competes are hard to enforce unless you end up doing the exact same thing. I hadn’t thought about low wage jobs being non-compete.

    The progressive world is just totally populated with unintended consequences designed to make even more people need the government, isn’t it? Like living wage, health care, now full time – how compassionate.

    • aliceaitch says:

      I don’t think retail jobs are going to have non-competes. There’s little to no IP to protect, which is the purpose of a non-compete.

      Someone on Facechimp commented that a friend who’s worked at Wal-Mart for a LONG time just got fired – they’re apparently firing full-time employees en masse to avoid paying insurance, and allowing them to apply back as part-time employees.

      The good news (sarc) on all this is that soon there will be more jobs available, since it will take two part-timers to do the work of one full-timer. So we should be seeing the employment numbers improve soon.

      • doubleplusundead says:

        In retail, they can and they do. Say you’re a Geek Squadder, or you do grooming at Petco, a lot of big box retailers will state that you CANNOT do paid work doing the same thing outside of the company as part of your contract, or it falls under the, you’re an at will employee, we don’t need a reason to cut you loose, but we *will* cut you loose for this kinda thing. So if you get caught doing that work on the side and getting paid, or say you pick up a job as a tech at Staples or Bubba’s PC Repair, or you groom out of your home or pick up hours at Petsmart, it causes an immediate conflict of interest, and they can cut you loose for it. Cashiers, stocking, maintenance and all that? Probably less an issue, for people doing sales or services, definite issue.

  3. Nicole says:

    More people on welfare. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature for the Dems.

  4. Inspector Asshole says:

    When did we let someone burn down our entire fucking country and replace it with this shitty Chi-Com knockoff? Oh, right. 2008.

    If I survive till December without having a stroke, I’ll be surprised. (and I mean that quite literally.)

  5. AJ says:

    And, since they will be having less hours they will have less money and can’t afford the health insurance. At which point they will owe the penalty to the IRS. Death Spiral 2012! The exciting new game brought to you by Govco!

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