Speech Ain’t So Free Anymore

Posted: September 29, 2012 by veeshir in I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That

We all know about our state religion and blasphemy laws, but I have a problem with another situation.

We have Blazing Saddles, rife with the MOST HORRIBLE WORD IN THE WORLD!!!1!!!!!, so that word is cut out. About 15 years ago they had cut out the farting scene for TV, now that’s back in but they’ve butchered the rest of the movie, I don’t even bother watching it on TV anymore, it just annoys me.  They’ve made it so the biggest point isn’t made anymore.

I substitute teach (math and science, I don’t talk about politics, I did make fun of the Day After Tomorrow), I was in a school and noticed that one kid was reading Huckleberry Finn, I picked it up and found that there was no one named Nigger Jim in the book, just some guy named “Jim”.  Geez, at least change it to “Slave Jim” or something. I forgot to check for Injun Joe, next time I see the book in a school I’ll check it out.

What do both things have in common? They’re about as anti-racist as you can get. In Blazing Saddles, the only people who use racist names are idiots and thugs, the townspeople become cool only after they stop being racist (although allowing the Irish in was a step too far IMO) while in Huck Finn, Nigger Jim shows he’s the best person in that whole damn town.

Now don’t get me wrong, I”m not saying I want to call people niggers, I’m saying that two of the most anti-racist things around have been butchered for PC bullshit.

And yet, here I am watching Pulp Fiction and hearing some seriously racist shit.

Heroin Dealer: Am I a nigger? Are we in Inglewood? No… You’re in my home. White people who know the difference between good shit and bad shit, this is the house they come to.

and of course,

‘Cause it ain’t there, ’cause storing dead niggers ain’t my fucking business, that’s why!


That’s some seriously racist shit, but since the movie is “cool” (they do heroin!!!!), and by Tarantino, I guess the rules that apply to anti-racists don’t apply.

Sometimes I just hate people.

I call those days, “Monday-Sunday”.

  1. Lemur King says:

    Don’t forget sexism exists in Blazing Saddles, too. Or maybe it was just a statement of fact:

    God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

    As much as I hate with a passion the push to remove the n-word from books and try to ban all reference to it, I can’t stand the word, myself. I don’t even like quoting someone on it, much like the c-word. But editing books out? Why not just burn them at that point?

    I detest, however, the double-standard with n-word usage – it’s “Evil” or just “brotherly banter” depending on the color of your skin. I think Pulp Fiction got a walk because Samuel L. Jackson used the word himself.

    (sigh) If only Pulp Fiction wasn’t one of my favorite movies… and yet I’d never let my kids see it.

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