Mann Down!

Posted: October 31, 2012 by veeshir in Green Goofs, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, Kittehs!

Okay, that’s hilarious.

For those not in the know, Michael Mann, global warmmongering bullshit artist and maker-upper of the “hockey-stick” school of global warmmongering bullshit, claims he won a Nobel Prize. Turns out, he didn’t realize people can use the Intertubes to check stuff like that. He didn’t win a prize. Penn State put out some bullshit about how proud they are of the way Michael Mann is ‘associated’ or something with some people who won a Nobel.

So National Review decided to get funny.

There aren’t enough “ha”s for my “bwa” on that one.

As Ed Driscoll at the Puppy Blender’s said, “That’s gonna leave a mark”.

It almost makes me feel sorry for Penn State, they’re having a bad decade, but considering why they’re having a bad decade, fuck em.  I’ll just point and laugh as they go from a great school to a punch line (in both senses of the word “Punch”, IMO).

As an aside, this deserves a link.

I steal from…link to Are We Lumberjacks once in a while, he cracks me up. In this case, it’s not a link but an idea. This sounds so Lemur King that I actually had to check the link to make sure it was AWL.

He talks about what to do when a storm is coming, and I fully intend to do this if I ever live in a neighborhood again.

Wrapped the mail box in tinfoil; which will do no good, but it’s fun to do to see if your neighbors will assume it’s important and follow suit. (it takes a few storms for them to get the idea but once the first neighbor gets on board the whole thing snowballs – pretty soon the neighbor wives are hectoring the hubbies, “come on, there’s a storm coming and you haven’t even wrapped the mailbox yet.”)

Okay, that’s funny.

Eh, the blog hasn’t had any kitteh pics in a long time. A couple below the fold. I edited this a little to get rid of some mistakes.

Eh, I got no cat pics (I already did my “old” post so I don’t want to repost catwomen pics, so here’s a very hot pic of Dita and a vid clip.

Just wow.

Have a Ditatini.

  1. Lee Martin says:

    I’m with Tea Party Patriots. We are reaching out to conservative blogs to do some cross-promotion. What we have in mind is periodically sending you information for posts that might interest your readers, and vice versa. We also have a giveaway going on for bloggers who post about a specific volunteer opportunity for our Get Out the Vote drive.

    If you are interested in establishing this relationship with us, please email me and I will share further details.

    Lee Martin

  2. Veeshir says:

    Lee, we’re stuck in Groucho’s Paradox, we won’t join any group that will accept us.

    • Lemur King says:

      And that also makes you perfectly unacceptable, veesh. That’s quite an honor to be a living paradox. Groucho’s Paradox is one of the five pinnaces.

      Einstein, Shakespeare, Chopin, Jagger, and Groucho. (Science, literature, music, philosophy, and philosophy) All the masters worthy of the name.

  3. Lee Martin says:

    Ummm, well this is awkward. We weren’t actually inviting you to join. You’re far too cool for us and frankly that’s intimidating. We were just hoping you’d share the story about the perks we’re giving to volunteers for helping make phone calls to undecided voters.

    Help repeal Obamacare and get free stuff. What’s not to like?

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