Posted: November 4, 2012 by aliceaitch in Fun with Elections, GOP Win!, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

the Redskins lost.

  1. Veeshir says:

    Betcha only Fauxnews mentions it.

  2. Not to be an allaheeyore, the Redskins lost in 2004

  3. Shayne says:

    As a noted Redskin hater, I like that they lost. As a Romney supporter, I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE that the Redskins lost! I’d even gladly give up a Cowboy loss to the Falcons (which they’ll probably do anyway) for an Obama loss. And I’d even be okay with an historic Cowboy loss (say 56-0) if it meant Obama was beaten in a landslide.

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