A couple of notes when you go vote tomorrow

Posted: November 5, 2012 by aliceaitch in Fun with Elections, GOP Win!

Please don’t try to wear your political shirts, pins, etc. into the polling centers. It’s considered electioneering and you can be asked to leave to change your clothes. If you’re here in Colorado, Coors-branded merchandise can be considered electioneering since Joe Coors is running for office.

Please don’t try to take a picture of your ballot, with your cell phone or otherwise. This is illegal in many, if not all states.

Please look over your ballot before you cast it. This is especially important if you’re doing electronic voting. Also, please don’t mark that you’re voting straight party and then also mark candidates – this can invalidate your entire ballot. (This should only be an issue for paper ballots.)

And finally – if you notice something off about your ballot, like you voted electronically for Romney but your ballot says Obama – before you click that final button to cast your vote, call over an election judge (or whatever they’re calling them in your area – anyone who’s working the election) and ask for a judge from each party to come observe. There should be a judge there from the Republican party who should be able to file a complaint if they see this. If the election judge will allow it, also show the issue to any pollwatchers on site – they may be in a better position to contact the attorneys for the party who are handling election fraud cases.


  1. scoop11 says:

    I’m planning on voting first thing this morning if I don’t get called in to work (I’m a substitute teacher). If I do get called in, right after work.

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