I voted.

Posted: November 6, 2012 by alexthechick in Conservatism, Win!

I voted this morning. There were no armed guards. There was no sound of mortar fire off in the distance.

I voted this morning. No one tried to stop me because I’m a woman. No one tried to kill me because I’m queer.

I voted this morning. I drove myself to the polling place in a car that I own. I walked in unaccompanied by a male family member.

I voted this morning. I was allowed inside though my face was uncovered and my hands were bare. I was allowed to take my own ballot and mark my own choices.

I voted this morning. Then I walked out, got in my car and gave thanks to God that I am blessed beyond the telling of it to live in a country where I am free to do just that.

  1. MaddMedic says:

    I did also. And it was a peaceful and enjoyable experience..

  2. Jay in Ames says:

    Amen, Alex. We have it good here. It’s about to get better, too.

  3. Best post I’ve read today.

  4. Mark E says:

    Wait a minute, I knew that you liked women … but you’re strange & unusual too !?!?
    Huh, who’d a thunk it

    [good post btw]

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