How Fucked Can One Country Be?

Posted: November 9, 2012 by veeshir in Ewww - taste this!, Exploding things, FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Nanny State

No, we’re not EUnuchstan-fucked, but we’re pretty well fucked.

Obama has no checks on his power anymore. He didn’t really have many, with the spineless fucking cowards we have in the fucking GOP “Leadership” (calling them “leaders” makes fun of everyone who ever led anything, including the leader of a gang of “stealing candy from babies” types) and with the media hiding his every law-breaking and even murderous act.

The GOP assured us Romney was fucking electable. Turns out, he got a lower percentage of Mormon votes than fucking Bush. 2% switched from GOP to Dem. (via Ace’s sidebar). Fewer fucking Mormons. Fewer Catholics, the people who are so happy about their Church being forced to pay for fucking abortions, thereby damning their (the Church’s hierarchy’s) souls to Hell.

Fuck the GOP. Not another penny, not another anything from me. They shit on the Tea Party because their buddies in Minitrue don’t like us and because we’re trying to decrease the power of the gov’t, their fucking power in other words.

Look at the asshole in Mass, the Tea Party got him elected and he immediately started acting like a fucking leftist asshole and lost to that stupid fucking moron who can’t string two words together without sounding like a moron or a commie (usually both). Do you think the Fucking GOP “Leadership” will learn anything by that? Not just “No”, not just “NO!” but “Fucking no fucking way!” Boehner is talking raising taxes and amnesty already. Fuck.

The GOP refuses to fucking learn that they can’t win fucking elections by being Dem Lite. They need to present a difference.

Fucking Romney didn’t want to bring up Benghazi because he was afraid Minitrue was going to call him a meanie.

Well guess what you stupid, fucking, idiotic, asshole, they called you a meanie anyfuckingway.

When are you stupid, fucking, fucking, idiotic, assholes going to learn you will never win when you play by the rules of your fucking enemies? I know they’re your opponents, but they see themselves as your fucking enemies. You idiots are more the enemy than fucking terrorists who would happily kill them all. No, that’s wrong. You’re the fucking enemies, the terrorist assholes who want to murder them all are their buddies, you stupid, fucking, ignorant, obtuse, refuse-to-learn-anything, assholic, douchebagiferous, jackasses.

Seriously, you stupid, ignorant, obtuse, unable-to-fucking-learn jackasses need to fucking understand the roles you’re playing are designed by people who hate you, want you to lose and have no scruples, conscience or qualms about outright lying to defeat you. Don’t fucking play by their rules. Heads they win, tails you idjits lose, on end is a tie and ties go to the Dems.
If you assholes want power, then play to your base. Us you stupid, fucking assholes.

We’re not the frothing at the mouth, ignorant racists you seem to think we are. While we do froth, it’s because watching your stupidity decade after fucking decade while being condescended at by a pack of stupid, fucking, obtuse, idiotic, moronic losers every fucking day gets fucking annoying as all fuck.

We’re a lot fucking smarter than any of you assholes. All you assholes have is nice hair and the ability to convincingly tell people what they want to hear. No matter how many of your loser-boy flunkies tell you you’re smart, you’re not. The lot of you have as much brains as Biden’s hair-plugs.
There is little or no difference between the GOP leadership and the Dems. Romneycare, Obamacare, what’s the fucking difference?

Fuck em all.

I lost faith in Americans in 1996 so the last election wasn’t much of a fucking surprise, people want to believe happy horseshit, it helps them avoid facing reality or admitting they’ve allowed themselves to be had.

There is no such thing as an “Independent”, that’s a bullshit lie perpetrated by people who like to think they’re smart. “Independents” are people who pay attention to politics for about 3-5 days before an election and when they see two people saying, “Liar” at each other just say, “Oh, there they go again” without ever even trying to figure out if maybe one of them is lying.

I have had numerous conversations with people who say some form of “Well, you choose what you want to believe, I choose what I want.”

No, you figure out who to believe. Take fucking responsibility for yourself. When one person says the sky is blue and the other says it’s purple, look the fuck up and figure it out. Don’t go along with the asshole who says “purple” because you like his hair and you like purple.

Eh, it doesn’t matter. We’re fucked. I’m not saying America will disappear tomorrow, I’m saying we’re fucked and the conditions for that loss of America are getting worse and worse.

I am thinking that Heinlein was a smart guy. While he got technological advances wrong at every turn, he always, always, always got people right.

He fucked up in one big particular. He was used to America being Christian, even hippies back then were into Jesus (recall the song “Convoy” if you dare, recall the line, “And a couple of long-haired friends of Jesus“).

But If you add Fosterites in Stranger in a Strange Land to Nehemiah Scudder and stir in modern sensibilites, well, the new religion that might be made mandatory is Leftism/Global Warmmongering and we’ve just elected Nehemiah Scudder in 2012. Right on schedule.

I’m wondering if I should change my name to Zebediah Jones.

  1. Wraith says:

    Well, you can call the national GOP’ers ‘stupid’ all you like. But you might have noticed that they’re going to keep every cent of their wealth and every lick of their privelege, while the rest of us are going to take it up the ass with a Godzilla-sized dildo wrapped in razor wire and doused with Sriracha sauce, for the rest of America’s doomed lifespan.

    So, really–who are the ‘stupid’ ones? 😕

  2. Wraith says:

    He doesn’t need to be President…he still has his wealth and privelege, and he and the rest of the Washington Elite are going to do just fine.

    Unlike the rest of us.

    • Veeshir says:

      Reread the post.
      They want to win elections but they keep fucking it up.
      I will never write a post about wealth envy, I’m still trying to figure out why I should care if they’re rich.
      Or are you suggesting they lose on purpose to get rich?

  3. Lemur King says:

    GOP’ers are keeping every cent? Seriously?

    So it was, ACORN, and RWJF types that were funding Mittens all along?

    GOP’ers keeping every cent and not minding losing makes about as much sense as a rat-shit sandwich with spoiled mayo. They may be stupid but they’re not cretins.

    I won’t disagree about those of us paying for entitlements getting ‘Zilla-sized sriracha-covered molestings. That part is pretty straightforward. Razor wire seems kind of like they were just going for the “mean” factor though.

    veesh, I am 99% certain you saw the poll at Ace’s, but in case of that 1% chance you didn’t, this was a pretty interesting poll:

    If you already mentioned it somewhere, my apologies.

  4. veeshir says:

    If you already mentioned it somewhere, my apologies.
    Wait, you’re embarrassed because you don’t read the blog? You should not have that “Moronosphere” symbol on your blog if you feel that way.

    I saw the polls.
    For the first one it would be abortion, that’s the issue that hurts the GOP most as they’re portrayed by our fine social, intellectual, moral and political betters in Minitrue.

    The second one would be everything but abortion, “Over my dead body”, as all the rest of the issues involve my freedom and/or allowing foreign nationals to break the laws of my country, that I cannot break with impunity.
    Illegals steal social security numbers to work, if I did that I would go to jail. Identity theft is a horrible crime that can hurt people badly and they get to do it with impunity and I’m called a hater because I’m agin people breaking laws that hurt others.

    While I think we have far too many laws, the ones that involve harming others are the ones I think we need. Hurting myself is none of your business.

    I’m not a Republican, I just hate Dems. When the GOP looked like an alternative they had me voting for them, now that they’re not an alternative, merely a lesser danger to my freedom and prosperity, fuck them.

    Fuck them all. I’ll never, ever, ever, again vote for the GOP just because they’re “Not as bad.”

    While Heinlein said that the difference between ‘bad’ and ‘worse’ is always more stark than that between ‘good’ and ‘better’, I’ve learned that you almost never say, “Always” or “Never”.

    So since I can’t fix things because the GOP ‘leadership’ thinks I’m worse than the Occutards, I’m bowing out from voting for or helping the ‘less bad’ alternative.
    Fucking Romney was not “electable”, we need someone with principles and who believes in something and can articulate it.
    Bush could do that, I didn’t like much of what he stood for, but he stood for something.

    Fucking Romney stood for power for fucking Romney. Just like the rest of the GOP ‘leadership’.

    Good luck America. I’m rooting for you but until you help yourselves don’t expect me to aid you in your demise.

  5. Fucking-A right, Veeshir!

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