Danny Husk, District Attorney

Posted: November 16, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap, The Little Screen

A DA in NY has admitted that he was a porn star in the early 70s.  Not quite a full pornstache, but you know he could rock one if he wanted to.  Seriously, who the fuck cares if this guy did a few pornos in the 70s?  Unless there’s some clear conflict of in interest in some trial he oversaw, who the fuck cares?  Actually, I could see a problem, now that everyone knows that he’s a former porn star everything he says is gonna be taken as innuendo, and jurors and judge are just gonna hear “blahblahblah…BOWCHICKAWOWCHICKAWOWWOW…blahblahblah….CHICKAWOWCHICKAWOW…THEN HE THREW HER DOWN ON THE BED…ZIIIIIIP…”

For those who don’t get the title.

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