Tricia Romano’s diversity problem

Posted: November 20, 2012 by Sean M. in Fun With Media, Lame, Random Crap

So I was watching last night’s Red Eye, and they mentioned that the person up there in the title of this post had written an article in The Daily Beast bellyaching about the lack of diversity among the guys selected as People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive.

Now, normally, I wouldn’t give a shit about this, but I found the following quote interesting:

Where are the Blair Underwoods, the Taye Diggses, the Morris Chestnuts? The Terrence Howards, the Jesse Williamses, the Idris Elbas?

While I’m sure that all of these men are plenty sexy, I’m deeply troubled by the fact that there is not a single, solitary Hispanic or Asian man included in Ms. Romano’s list. No Native Americans, either.

And while we’re nitpicking someone else’s idea of who’s attractive, I might as well note that none of the handsome black men Romano listed is disabled. I haven’t bothered to check on their sexual orientations, but I suspect most of them are straight, too.

In short, Tricia Romano is the worst kind of bigot, and she should be ashamed of herself.


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