Nearly half of women who cry rape are liars

Posted: November 29, 2012 by aliceaitch in WTF Is Wrong With Denver

That’s what the Denver Police Department would have you think.

Capt. Don Vagge said in cases where the primary question is if the victim consented, those kits are not tested. According to Vagge, those rape kits aren’t even eligible to be tested and uploaded into the national DNA database.

“If the issue is consent, finding DNA is not going to help,” Vagge said.

Sure, that sounds reasonable.  There’s no reason to test a rape kit if you don’t believe the woman was actually raped.  So you’ve probably got a few accused rapes a year where the story is so outlandish, the victim is so implausible, that there’s no possible credibility to the story.

Since 2008, DPD has received 1,064 rape kits, but 44 percent of those kits have never been tested….Since 2007, Fort Collins has collected 243 rape kits. (Fort Collins rape kits are processed in the Denver lab -ed.) But the CALL7 Investigators found 72 percent of those rape kits were not tested.

That’s more than a few.

In Denver, if you can make your rape a friendly rape, if you can avoid leaving bruises, if you can make it seem like it’s not rape-rape, your DNA won’t even be tested.  Since we’re evil, woman-hating, anti-feminist, rapey conservatives, I think that makes Denver the perfect place for our next-meetup.

(Yeah, it’s old news, but it’s fresher than the last time I blogged before today.)

  1. Veeshir says:

    Aren’t rape kits used to determine who committed the rape?
    It looks to me as if they don’t use them when the guy says, “Sure I did it, but it was consensual.”
    That seems to make sense. They don’t need to establish identities, but who is telling the truth.

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