Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted

Posted: December 7, 2012 by doubleplusundead in Random Crap

Especially since I’m the namesake of this crapblog, but life has become far less stressful for me (YAYYY!!!), so I’ll be posting more again I reckon, and of course started receiving HOLY CRAP LOOK at the traffic we’re getting messages from my cobloggers sorta snapped me out of my slumber.

Good, what Alex said needed to be said, there are many, many people who have faced similar challenges.

I stopped into one of my favorite pizzerias and got a pie, just a regular, if a pizza has to be covered in a bunch of toppings to be good, it’s not a good pie…that is not to say I only order regular pies, but I do enjoy a simple pizza done competently.  Yes, that sounded every bit as much like the Andy Rooney contest on MST3K in my head as it did yours.

The pizza was awesome, as always, but they had the TV on in the corner, and a show on ABC called Happy Endings was on…

As I note frequently here, I don’t have a TV, and I have no interest in new TV shows right now (other than Top Gear…the real Top Gear, not the US one).  However, I do love me some old TV shows, if there was a channel that played nothing but reruns of Miami Vice and MST3K, I’d watch the hell out of that.  So yes, I have a very hard time enjoying and investing my attention into new shows. Anyway, they had a show on called Happy Endings, which is anything but happiness inducing, it is the small screen’s highly trained elite death squad sent out to hunt down and eradicate humor as swiftly and efficiently as possible, the right hand of a junta devoted to eliminating all laughter.

And I just now learned that it has been on for three seasons.  Three. Fucking. Seasons.  HOW?  HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Not once did I even come close to cracking a smile.  And it’s NOT hard to make me laugh. How does a show THIS FUCKING BAD survive for three seasons?

Also, I saw a dude in his late 30s-early 40s dressed like a slouchy middle age brohatter wannabe, he was talking to some visibly uncomfortable college-aged girl about the awesomeness of a menagerie of ridiculously named shots that binging college kids order…  Dude, really?  You’re 40, and wearing shorts and flatbillin’ in the middle of winter in central PA?

Hey baby, try this one, I swear it tastes just like Dr. Pepper…and rufies…also tears…

On one hand, it’s kinda funny, on the other…dude was really sort of a creeper.

Oh yes, my life is so very exciting…anyway, here’s some New Order, why?  Because New Order, and you need moar 80s in your life,

Also, Wyatt’s blog host went full derptard and he’s in blog purgatory right now, so here’s his sooper sekrit treehouse until things get sorted out.

  1. TheWalkingDeadMan says:

    That show was funny for about 5 minutes. it now qualifies as another indication of the decline of western civilization and makes me crave the arrival of SMOD….

  2. Veeshir says:

    I don’t watch prime time, network comedies unti their third year of syndication.
    I sorta regretted that with Seinfeld, but it’s worked out for most shows.
    What bothers me the most about the general crappiness is the fact that Firefly lasted less than one season.

  3. Sockless Joe says:

    I do watch tv and still don’t know what show that is. I could probably do with about five channels and have more than enough tv to watch. Syfy, AMC, H2, USA, Comedy central. Ok, Person of Interest is pretty good, so CBS too. So six.

  4. brando says:

    Did you just read Ready Player One or something?

  5. doubleplusundead says:

    Never heard of Ready Player One, but I may have to give that a go.

  6. brando says:

    If you’re an 80s nerd, it’s pretty much the best book ever. They reference New Order’s Blue Monday, and Ladyhawke, and Joust. There’s a little bit of moonbat content at the beginning, but after that it’s a clean and fun read.

  7. Mitchell says:

    Ready Player One – I remember Ace recommended that one. I’ve got on my Kindle but haven’t read it yet.

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