Green Science Is Neither

Posted: December 29, 2012 by veeshir in Filthy Hippies, Green Goofs

I understand that I modified/coined that phrase, but it still amazes me how much more true it is than the original (The Moral Majority Is Neither).

We see ultra-pollutionistical/efficiency-challenged electric vehicles being touted as “green”, hybrids that are worse for the environment and cost you more than you will save, a hybrid Civic doesn’t get much better mileage than a regular Civic, while the regular Civic is very low emissions, you couldn’t commit suicide with it, the hybrid has the huge, honking, polluting, death-batter to dispose of, is called “Green”.

To be a Greeny doesn’t mean you actually do anything to protect the environment, it only means to be an asshole while performing ostentatiously pious…prius acts of greenery , this time I’m a little embarrassed I needed someone else to point it out.

Case in point, Vegetarianism. Buzzfeed did a post on the 15 best cookbooks of 2012, one was A Girl and Her Pig, with this tasty pic.


Mmmmmm, bacon, pork chops, sausage, salami, prosciutto….

So needless to say, our fine, tolerant, leftist, vegans, who only want peace and joy for the world, have to write reviews to let use see their tolerance and peaceful natures.

I saw this book in a bookstore and felt bad for the poor pig, what angered me next was a woman who dragged her young daughter over to see it and they both laughed. What the hell is wrong with people when they find dead animals amusing? I really wanted to slap both of them! It’s a very sad world we live in 😦

See? Peaceful and tolerant.

But that’s not the point. The point is how green science is neither and something I had never thought of even though I know about it and should have made the connection on my own.

You see, I grew up in upstate NY in farming country, cows, corn, apples and also some other stuff I don’t eat (That’s not food, that’s what food eats R. Forman). Even in anti-gun NY, farmers can shoot varmints (read cute and fluffy deer, c&f  bunnies, c&f squirrels, c&f moles and all manner of other cute and fluffy critters) if  said C&F Brigade are damaging their crops.

So via Tim Blair who links to some Prick with a Fork, whose commenter had this great comment.

Anyone who tends crops and mows fields, as we do here on the farm in upstate New York, knows that the carnage is immense each time in terms of bunnies, voles, toads, myriad smaller forms of life. You cannot make a salad without causing chaos and death in the millions. I reckon it makes for more death-in-the-field to feed a vegetarian than it does a carnivore

Since most vegans eat what food is supposed to eat in their misguided attempt to not kill animals, they’re failing miserably at it.

Each carrot means a multitude of cute and fluffy bunnies being killed while a steak means only part of one cow killed.

In other words, by eating meat I’m protecting cute and fluffy bunnies and by eating only plants vegans are killing a many and many cute and fluffy critters.

I really can’t wait until the next smug tool of a vegetidiot gets in my face about how they’re all compassionate and I’m evil.

That’s gonna be funny.

  1. Paul Moore says:

    I have found many dessicated garter snakes in hay bales, and torn up toads with my garden tiller. Farming kills.

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