I so badly want to read this book right now

Posted: December 30, 2012 by socklessjoe in Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Notes on the Revolution, Uncategorized

… but it doesn’t come out until May.  And they way things are going, that might be too late.

The End is Near and It’s Going to be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure”, by Kevin D. Williamson of National Review.

So far it seems most speculation of the coming post-crash sounds like Greece crossed with Revolution and a touch of Mad Max thrown in. Your typical “sh*t hits the fan” scenario. (Just got my license to carry, btw.)

I can only guess what sort of scenario Williamson has in mind.  It seems a little like asking what’s on the other side of a black hole — perhaps some parallel universe where people have goatees…

But “awesome”? And isn’t there a lot of turmoil between here and awesome?

I gotta get my hands on this book.

  1. veeshir says:

    Bob Owens is less sanguine (or perhaps more considering that sanguine also means “bloody”).

    I don’t see our political, intellectual, moral and social betters to take a lowering of their position meekly.

    And that’s why I’ve been rooting for an asteroid for a few years now. I see the end as being ugly and I’d rather we were working on surviving against nature than of our gov’t. .

    You can never convince our “elite” that they can’t just tax and/or print money out of any mess they can’t just kick down the road (as they’ve been doing for decades).

    Look at what Obama just did, as we are going broke in a big way, he returned the cost of living increases for Gov’t employees, who, of course, got raises anyway as they get their mandatory promotions or in grade increases (you go by steps in each GS level, so GS9-1 makes say, $45K while a GS 9-8 makes $54K, if you’re not getting a promotion each year you’re at an acceptable work status,, you get the in-grade raise).
    So nearly all gov’t employees will be getting two raises this year or one raise and one promotion (with raise).
    As we’re running humongous deficits and most non-gov’t workers are not getting raises and, indeed, are mostly happy if they still have a fucking job. he’s shoving the rest of our faces in gov’t worker ass.

    Nope, I don’t see a peaceful resolution unless we allow ourselves to sink into the totalitarianism our brain-dead “elite” have been calling for for decades where they can do what’s right without having to listen to us unhelpful types.

    I do see one very funny thing about the end. When Obama, or whichever statist is in charge, orders the national guards to put down “riots” (read, peaceful protests by people statists don’t like) and the military changes sides.

    Try to deploy Marines to the US against citizens and you’ll have a problem and I don’t see the Army (you want me to shell Main St and advance by fire and maneuver against Americans?) or Air Force (you want me to bomb Main St?) doing it either. I do see Seals performing their stated job and teaching Americans how to conduct guerrilla warfare against the gov’t. Sure we can’t fight artillery or aircraft with our arms, but we can force the military to have to use their artillery and air assets on us. And that’s not gonna happen.
    I’d bet my life on that. .

    We’re not EUnuchstanians. While everybody DC assholes know agree that gov’t is good and it loves us, the rest of us don’t see it that way. We see gov’t as a necessary evil, emphasis on ‘evil’. and the military is full of people who think like us in that regard.
    Sure, Marines love going to foreign countries, meeting interesting people and killing them all, but America ain’t a foreign country and we’re not all that interesting.

  2. Sockless Joe says:

    Though I find the topic interesting, I’m content to leave the detailed speculation of how that part of The Revolution will play out to others.

  3. Paul Moore says:

    By May, this book might be irrelevant. We can put it on our shelves next to “Surviving the Coming Economic Crash of the Eighties”.

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