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Posted: December 31, 2012 by veeshir in L.L.A.P.H.

So the regular season is over.

As to the Giants, Fuck. They got cocky towards the end of the season and screwed the whole thing up. Idjits. Eli didn’t look good this year. Every game he missed two TD throws to a receiver blowing by the DB. Seriously, he would underthrow or overthrow a guy wide open streaking toward the end zone. Oh well.

Cowboys. Bwahahahahahahhaha. I’m sorry, but I fucking hate the Cowboys and watching Romo choke year after year just makes me laugh. Ending another season with a pick is high-larious. I wonder if he’s gone. I hope not. Sure he’s very good, but man does he choke when it counts. I figure the latest Yes Mr Jones Garrett is gone but I could be wrong.

Foreskins. Wow. Good for you chumps. I’m rooting for you but RGIII needs to learn that playing the Cowboys in the season finale with the division on the line is not playoff football. He might think he’s ready, but he’s not. I foresee his post-game interview going like this, “I wasn’t ready for how fast the game is in the playoffs” as he recaps the drubbing by the Seahawks.

Update: I forgot this. Everybody point and laugh at the sports reporters. They all, one and all, picked the NFC East as being between the Eagles and Cowboys with the Foreskins being somewhere around 4-12. Moh-Rons. Every year they pick the Eagles and Cowboys. I don’t understand that.

Seahawks. Pete Carroll is one of the best coaches in the league. I think they’ll go places. Playing in Green Bay is the only thing I think they need to worry about. I see them beating the Foreskins next week.

San Fran. Not gonna happen. They’re just not that good.

Minnesota. Huh. They flew under the radar and now they’re in. They have a decent chance with Peterson playing his ass off and Ponder actually looking like a professional quarterback. Not sure if they’ll be ready for the playoffs, maybe Green Bay really does suck. Next week is up to them, I would love to see Peterson get 600 yards in three games against Green Bay. He got 199 yesterday and 210 the first game.
Green Bay. I don’t think they’re that good this year but they’ve been in the playoffs before. That’s important. Next week is going to be tough for them I think. I don’t like Aaron Rodgers so seeing them lose is a good thing for me.

Atlanta, I like Matty Ice, but if he was gonna do something, he would have done it years ago.

New England. What can you say, Brady is damn good.

Houston. Nope. They showed in the last few weeks that they don’t understand playoff football.

Indy. Good for them. Like the Foreskins, their QB needs a playoff game (to lose) to understand what playoff football is all about. It’s played at double time. Next year the Foreskins and Colts will be much more dangerous.

Baltimore. Hate the bastids so I can’t properly evaluate them. When they play Philly or Dallas, it’s hard for me to decide who to root against more.

Cincy. A moral victory as they get blown out in their first game. They’re just not that good.

Denver. Damn is Peyton good, they’ll be dangerous unless he does his Romo imitation.

I’m rooting for the SB to be Denver against the Seahawks or Minny.

Being from NY, I have a bunch of friends who are Jets fans. Whatta buncha chumps, it almost feels cruel to point and laugh. Rex Ryan wasn’t fired. Buh? That guy sucks. He also pissed me off because never even gave Tebow a chance to play. I’m not a Tebow fan except insofar as I’m usually on the side of the guy who everybody hates for some stupid reason. Ryan started Sanchez the last day and even as he was going 15 for 1,000, Ryan didn’t put Tebow in for garbage time even. Plus, I don’t like chumps (Ryan) who talk shit and don’t back it up. I don’t like people who talk shit and do back it up, but you have to respect them. Not Ryan.

Oh yeah, fantasy football, I played a mock season based on the people from last year. MP won, I was 5th, AliceH was last. Man did she suck. She traded for Mark Sanchez. That was funny.

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