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Posted: January 1, 2013 by veeshir in GOP FAIL, Hotassery, Nanny State, Notes on the Revolution

Crap. I really need to stop doing this at the beginning of the year.

Hmmmm, I guess I’ll have to put some actual content into this post.

So it’s official, I’m never voting GOP again.  And no, that’s not a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a decision I’ve been working on for a few years now and the fiscal cliff bullshit just made up my mind.I refuse to vote for the assholes who are destroying our Republic. Ask yourself how the GOP House would have acted differently if they were on Obama’s side.

As somebody in Ace’s sidebar notes, Boehner did not even try to explain his position or why Obama’s was wrong.

Seriously, they stand for nothing except power for themselves and I for one am fucking sick of it and I’m never going to aid them in their quest for personal power with no concomitant desire to do what is Constitutional or best for America. They want America to do what is best for them (Just shut the fuck up and vote for Romney, for instance).

Giving in to despair is kind of cathartic. I feel much better. I might even be able to watch the news again.

Post needs hotassery. The world needs hotassery right now.



I dig Kathy Ireland. But then, as I’ve said before, I’m a titty man and hers were spectacular back in the day. The only time that pisses me off is in Mom and Dad Save the Universe because they don’t focus on her in her smoking hot outfit.

I comfort myself with bikini pics of her.


For certain values of “comfort”.

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  1. Lemur King says:

    We are agreed on every point.

    Happy friggin New Year. Nothing like starting out a year feeling well and truly f*cked without a kiss.

    Now I don’t know who to vote for at all. I refuse to pick Democrats even as the lesser of two evils. Pubs are a bunch of dickless wonders who still play with dolls.

    • veeshir says:

      I’m going to try Libertarian. If I’m going to waste my vote, I’d rather vote for crazy people who work for what they think is best for America instead of their own power

      Added later (because it’s my post so I can)
      And it’s Happy Fucking New Year. This is DPUD after all.

  2. hayzeus says:

    Of course you could use me as a discipline tool.

    That just looks all wrong every time I read that line. Funny but wrong.😛

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