Balls, He Had Them

Posted: January 3, 2013 by veeshir in True Heroes

I don’t know if there’s an afterlife or what it’s like, but I root for a Jonathan Livingston Seagull sort of deal.

If so, this guy deserves to go very far up the ladder after this life. (unsafe, Wash Post/Yellow Journalism link)

John Sheardown, an unflappable Canadian diplomat in Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis who helped shelter six American “house guests” until they were secretly shuttled out of the country, died Dec. 30 at a hospital in Ottawa. He was 88.

The world is a less brave place without him in it.

Via Yourish

I don’t know if “True Heroes” is sarcastic or serious, but this guy was a true hero so I’m going with “serious”.

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