I have about 10 links opened, not sure how many I’ll use, the suspense is killing me though.

First up, Ted Gets Off a Good One. An open letter to Sloe Joe helping him with task force on stopping gun violence (Spoiler Alert, Joe is going to call for a ban on all guns not in .gov hands, so I can’t have one but NASA’s swat team can)

Quoth Ted

You will find in your assessment that all of the massacres have occurred in gun-free zones. What gun-free zones create is an environment where good people are unarmed and virtually defenseless against an unstable person intent on committing mass murder. Gun-free zones are modern killing fields. I implore you to recommend that Congress pass a law to ban gun-free zones immediately.

Preach it brother. You should be able to sue the shit out of anybody who creates a Gun-Free Zone if they don’t ensure your protection against criminals with guns.

Keeping with guns, this is where Veeshir is rooting for chickens and roosting.

Illinois is trying to ban all semi-auto guns and regular capacity magazines. I’m fer it and I hope NY, Mass and California do the same. It’ll be funny when hunters find out that an AR is not functionally different from a Remington 7400.

More guns, Tam is a gun blogger and just bought a nice Beretta, but that’s not why I’m linking, I’m linking for this:

500 Guns…but if you’re looking for a cased double rifle in a caliber that begins in “5”, this is the only place in town where you’ll be able to comparison shop them.

I just made in my pants. I’m of two minds about expensive guns. I’d really like a full auto Tommy gun, but as you know I love big-boomers and boy would I love to have a double barrel in something called “nitro-express” or “H&H magnum”.

Next up, we have a foreshadowing of things to come, from California of course. Some CA towns are thinking of or are going bankrupt to avoid the pensions they promised themselves. Well, the pensioneers are not so happy so they’re going to make sure everybody really is bankrupt.

Other cities and municipal bond investors may fear that Calpers’s strategy will lead to long and costly legal battles that leave less money to pay for essential services such as police and fire protection while driving up borrowing costs, Spiotto said.

Okay, that’s funny. I really hope AZ is building that wall along the CA border. At least it’s a desert so we won’t have too many people walking this way. Or rather, we won’t have too many people walking all the way.

Charlie Hebdo is a French mag with balls. Fresh from being firebombed for publishing comics of Mohamed, they decided to do something interesting.

 editor Stéphane Charbonnier writes: “We have put into pictures the life of Mohammed as it is recounted by Muslim chroniclers. Without added humour. If the form seems to some blasphemous, the foundation is perfectly halal. Up to you to decide.”

I think that’s French for “Blow me savages.”

Now on to wars.

Argentina wants the Falklands, Britain says “Bring it on.” Not sure how that’s gonna play out. Argentina is punching above their weight, but Britain is far away and not the naval power they were. Should be interesting.

Sub-section of civil wars.

The UAE apparently thinks Egypt is exporting their civil war (Hey, it’s not just Saudi Arabia anymore!)

During the past year, the United Arab Emirates announced it has broken up several cells it said were plotting against its security.

And the Muslim Brotherhood is on the job!

Syria’s civil war/revolution has been going on for well over a year and the US still doesn’t have a policy, the people in the region have figured that out.

In reality, this convenient diplomatic veneer serves cynical purposes for Russia, but equally so for the US. This diplomatic kabuki theater distracts from the main issue—Washington’s Syria policy remains strategically adrift.

Yup. And don’t think Assad doesn’t know that. I am surprised that Homs hasn’t been given the full Hama treatment.

I figure as soon as Assad figures out the US isn’t going to do shit, it will.

And for some hilarity/endiness from a terrorist

Hezbollah’s chief on Thursday on warned that the region was at grave risk of “sectarian and tribal splits” as the conflict in Syria continues to spiral into deadlier violence.



Now closer to home, Bob Owens thinks we’re past the point of no return, Donald Sensing is more optimistic

I have to admit, I think Sensing is wrong. He writes

Here is what will really happen. Congress passes the law, the NRA et. al. scream about it and then … nothing happens.
Some people (no more than 20 percent) affected by the gun-confiscation law comply with the turn-in order. The rest don’t comply. But neither do they organize or form resistance groups. They don’t start assassinating politicians. They just hide their guns and continue with daily life as before.

So 80% of gun owners ignore a law and our fine political, moral, intellectual and social betters just let it happen?

What happens when harry joe (normal) law abiding type gets arrested for his Remington 742 he got when he was 16 in 1971?

Obama and company cannot let civil disobedience happen and Americans can’t let the gov’t ignore the Constitution they’ve sworn to uphold.

When immovable object meets resistible force bad things happen, especially if resistible force thinks it’s irresistible force.

I think the most important part of civilian guns is that it would require a tyrannical gov’t to employ the military to put us down. Our military is not going to fire on us. As I’ve said, I’d bet my life on that, I hope I never have to, but I’d like to think I would if the situation required it.

And no, I won’t yell “Wolverines” when I do. Unless it’s the Russians invading, then that’s de Rigueur.

Wow, that was all the links, most were either Puppy Blender or Drudge.

Since you’ve made it this far, you get a present.

Dita von

mmmmmmm, colorful.


Not Dita, but Kaylee is always on topic


  1. hayzeus says:

    I think that’s French for “Blow me savages.”

    And to think, ten years ago they were the cheese-eating surrender monkeys. The funny, it is endy, yes?

    • veeshir says:

      I will admit, the French do have balls, it’s their leaders who are feckless, arrogant, stupid and cowardly.
      That’s why France can’t win a war when led by a Frenchman but do pretty well when led by someone else.

  2. […] B: Egypt is exporting the Muslim civil war in much the same was as Saudi Arabia. I read on some blog about how they’re in the UAE and now they’re getting busy in […]

  3. […] Last January I posted a round the tubes that had a part about gun laws. […]

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