Round the Tubes, I Don’t Want To Dwell On One Story Edition

Posted: January 4, 2013 by veeshir in Fun with Elections, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!, I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Jitardis, Mideast Madness, Moron of the Day, Vagina Squad Fail

Let’s go round the Tubes today.

First, a little middle east madness

Not sure what to think of this, I’ve seen it a few places, supposedly Egyptians found US missiles headed for Gazanian part of Terrorstan.

Nobody mentions exactly what missiles, they say surface to air and anti-tank. Now, the most logical place they could come from is the Egyptian military. Yay! I read somewhere that our stuff can’t be used to shoot at our stuff without some codes we don’t sell. So Egypt can’t use their US stuff to shoot down Israeli US stuff but we could/should give the data to Israel to shoot down Egyptian stuff. I hope that’s true and wouldn’t that be fucking hilarious and delightfully machiavellian?

Next, we have the difference between Israel and their fine, middle east neighbors illustrated very starkly and one reason I hate all “Internationalists”.

A single Syrian missile strike on a bakery near Hama killed more than 60 innocent civilians last week,

Attacking civilians is the goal for them. You can argue it, but there is a philosophical, moral and ethical distinction between intending to kill civilians and collateral damage.

so how did Israel manage to fire more than 1,500 high powered missiles into densely-populated Gaza in November, with the total loss of 161 lives, of which 90 have been acknowledged by Hamas itself as active combatants?

So 1,500 Israeli missile strikes killed 10 more civilians than 1 Syrian missile strike. Foxnews allows the Israelis to answer their question from the above quote.

In cases where there are people inside a house or building we never strike the target without prior warning. We make phone calls, send leaflet flier warnings, and sometimes use a technique called ‘Knock On the Roof,’ where we fire very, very small, very precise tiny bombs onto the edge of the roof

If that shitty, little country were half as evil as our fine political, moral, social and intellectuals in the International Community screeched, there wouldn’t be a Palestinian ‘problem’, except to worry about disease from all the dead residents of Terrorstan. As Yourish notes, Not that the world recognizes Israel’s efforts. But there you have it.
Tangentially related (via terrorism), we have something that makes me a little embarrassed. I had  Blogwar with Stoaty Weasel and it took me a year to get her to fix our link in her blogroll.  I’ve been basically blogwarring with Lemur King and I’ve accomplished….uhhhh… getting a picture of Salma Hayek (and friends) in his sidebar.
Not very impressive compared to the Jawas.
How many other blog wars ended up with most of the losing participants in exile, in jail or, worse, dead?
None, that’s how many. Damn overachieving bastids.
Closer to home, we see the new class of Wymyn Senators talking stupid shit.
But the women also admit that they believe having more women in the room would help in fierce negotiations, compromise and legislating on Capitol Hill, traits they say do not come as naturally to their male colleagues in the Senate….
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., says that women have a camaraderie which helps in relationships that are key to negotiations on Capitol Hill, something she says comes natural to women more than men….

advice and really standing up for each other that you don’t always see with the men,”
Merde de toro. I worked for many years in a bunch of Dunkin’ Donuts (if you say, “Time to make the fucking donuts” I will punch you) and a few years as a waiter, in both places I worked primarily with women.
They fought constantly, their alliances shifted constantly. As Elaine said, “We just tease someone until they develop an eating disorder.”
One guy slept with most of the single girls in one restaurant where I worked, they hated each other and all loved him. Women talk about each other behind their backs like crazy and are fucking mean.
That sentiment enjoys bipartisan support among the women of the Senate.
Yeah, I bet.
Here’s the part of the post where I get women mad at me and men nod knowingly.
says that women are “problem solvers.”
You tell a man you have a problem he tries to help you solve it, but that’s not what women want, they want commiseration. I got in more trouble because of that until I was in my 20s and figured it out. I see a problem I try to fix it. It’s a guy thing.
And no, I would never say that to a women I was dating, I’m not an idiot. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t noticed it.
Don’t get me wrong, I love women but I refuse to idealize them. They’re people too. All that bullshit about if women were rulers we wouldn’t have wars is just that, bullshit. The ruler of Britain would tell Germany that Italy had a fat ass, Germany tells France while making sure that Italy can hear it and well, the nukes start flying.
Now that I’ve pissed off half the people reading this, let’s end on an optimistic note.
Near-Earth-Asteroid 2012 DA14 is scheduled to come close to the Earth on the 15th of next month. NASA claims it will miss. I’m hoping they used their global warmmongering “scientists” to figure out the trajectory and it hits.
It’s about 150 feet in diameter or so and it would be moving pretty darn fast relative to the Earth so we could get a big boom, but not an Earth shattering kaboom.
While I would have preferred it hit before the election, you take what you get in this particular end of civilization.
Why do I think it’s likely to hit? It’s the day after Valentine’s Day. A just asteroid would kill us all before that.
Update: Sorry about the line-spacing, I tried to fix it to make the post easier to read but it didn’t work. I know enough about computers to be dangerous and that’s about it.
  1. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    “So 1,500 Israeli missile strikes killed 10 more civilians than 1 Syrian missile strike. Foxnews allows the Israelis to answer their question from the above quote.”

    Check your math. Use a calculator if you feel you must..

    • Veeshir says:

      Wow!!!!! You’re right, I messed up my math.
      161 – 90 terrorists= 71 civilians.
      71-60 = 11 not 10.
      That’s totally different.

      Later, I’m home so I can update this via wordpress. I don’t use wordpress via my phone.

      Also, it wasn’t exactly 161 and it wasn’t exactly 60 so I rounded from 11 to 10 on purpose, if that was your point. It’s around 10. I do that all the time. It doesn’t change the meaning it just allows pedants to tell me I was off by 1.

  2. wandering neurons says:

    Veeshir, as many times as LK has banned you, I’m surprised you still mention his blog at all. Though getting Selma on the sidebar is quite an accomplishment. Kudos to you. And her…
    Have you alerted Ace of Spades (AoSHQ) of the incoming SMoD (Sweet Meteor of Death)?

  3. […] month I mentioned an asteroid that was going to ‘just miss’ us the day after Valentine’s Day.  Well, it’s getting closer and scientists are starting to hedge their bets on the whole […]

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