In Defense of a Little Book

Posted: January 13, 2013 by Edward von Bear in Conservatism

March 17, 1992 is a date that will live in my mind as long as I do. That was the day I swore the same oath my grandfathers, father, and later my brother swore. It was an oath to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Throughout my life, I would take that oath several more times, as would my brother. All those years, I knew what the Constitution, our sovereign, entailed. I knew about the rights that are and shall always be our birthright, secured in that document by the blood and sacrifice of untold millions who have sworn over the years to uphold it. Ultimately, I would wind up in Washington at the National Archives, once with my daughter in tow, to see with my own eyes not only this document, but the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and a copy of Magna Carta, the wellspring of all beliefs that no man is ever above the law or unaccountable. Upon seeing these documents, I realized that I must allow for my daughter to enjoy the freedoms elucidated in these immortal words and pieces of paper, eternally humbled to have played a minor part to allow her to live under the words I saw under the glass.

That said, in the last few weeks, the issue of guns and the Second Amendment have come up in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings. I will not comment on that aspect here, as I believe I share the sentiments of the rest of the room on that topic. However, recent arguments (protected, I might add) over guns has led to some fireworks on cable TV, especially with Piers Morgan calling for whatever stupidity he’s calling for, culminating with the recent dustup with Ben Shapiro.

Now, I have no concern with allowing Piers Morgan to be stupid on the air, for our freedoms allow him to do so (put aside the whole debate whether or not a foreign national should enjoy the same rights as I do). But, when he sneeringly and dismissively called the Constitution “That Little Book” , I thought about the Constitution. I thought about the sacrifices made to preserve and protect it, only to have some tosser mock it.

So, in that vein, please allow me to offer a rebuttal to Mr. Morgan:

Fuck you, Piers. Fuck you forever until Round Four of the Fuckening is released on DVD. Fuck your arrogance. Fuck your sneering condescension. Fuck you for coming over here, only to fucking hide behind the document you deride. And fuck you because the last person I want mocking my nation’s sovereign is some douchebag like you.

This fucking “little book” has kept us free via the blood you cheapen with your mockery. This fucking “little book” has allowed and enabled this country to become the bulwark of freedom people still seek to this day. This fucking “little book” has kept tyrants at bay and freed continents. And this fucking “little book” has meant so much to so many, they were willing to give their lives in its defense.

Yes, the Constitution may be a “little book”, but it is a little book worth defending, even to this day. I did it, others have done it, and more will continue to preserve the “little book” that allows you to be a smug assfisting fuckface.

So fuck you, Piers Morgan. Fuck you with the flying fuckeagele of freedom for mocking everything that allows you to prosper. Fuck your ingratitude. And fuck you in general.

  1. kx59 says:

    +1 on all those sentiments. Piers Morgan is a douchenozzle.

  2. Kowboy says:

    Spot on Edward

  3. And in that little book were the all the concepts and ideas required to birth the greatest nation the world has ever seen. In contrast, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, ONE LAW, is over 2700 pages long.

    I’d say, little is better.

  4. veeshir says:

    Piers Morgan comes from a country where the 1st and 2nd amendments are unhelpful and dangerous.
    They don’t allow their subjects freedom of speech and the inherent right of self-defense.
    Our Constitution was a direct reaction of the non-freedom of the British Empire. They can still quarter troops in their subjects’ houses. A part of our Constitution that we all think of as quaint and natural, the rest of the world doesn’t even have the concept.
    Their gov’t is their country, here, our gov’t is a necessary evil.

    I would also add, fuck all empires. If England or any other nation on the face of the Earth had our disparity in military might, they would go a-conquering. It’s what every powerful country on the face of the Earth would do.
    And yes, we fight wars, and when we’re done we rebuild their fucking country.
    The Mouse That Roared had that as its base. They wanted to declare war on us and have us send them all the aid they would need.

    It seems to me that when England wins a war, they take the land.

    Fuck em all. Fucking children who need daddy to take care of them.
    We take care of ourselves. It’s what we do.

    Fuck em all.

  5. OldmanRick says:

    Come on, Piers Morgan is nothing more than a bio-system for a sphincter valve.

  6. j c baber says:

    can’t help but see how much he resembles chuck shumer in the video with the daughter of parents
    murdered at luby’s in texas where she is testifying!! same bad apples in my mind

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