The current crop are all willfully ignorant, which functionally, makes them idiots.

Update, I forgot the point of the post as I got worked up

Ruger has an easy way to contact your reps, even if you’ve done it another way, getting a lot of these from a gun maker, could possibly put a dent in their obtusity and allow them to understand we’re not fucking around.

Now, back to your regularly, scheduled post.

As Americans buy record numbers of guns and ammo, they’re “debating” taking away our guns.

America, outside our intellectual, cultural, social and political elite, has already finished the “debate”.

This is something I don’t think Obama, Reid, Boehner, CNN, MSNBC or even Foxnews have any idea about, when they start trying “sensible” gun laws (read: confiscation and fucking with legal gun owners) they’re going to have a real revolution on their hands. And it won’t be the same as the Occutards trying to do something. Say what you will about freedom-loving Americans, but if they do something they’ll do it competently. These are the people who make the country work, they’re not the people who demand that others give them free stuff. They’re the ones who produce the stuff our politicians steal to buy votes.

In 2011, there were polls that showed Americans had historic lows of trust in gov’t.

It’s only gotten worse. When they start taking guns, and people’s neighbors, brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, granma’s and grandpas are deemed “terrorists” by our political betters, well, that appears to me to be the last straw.

I’m not saying I’m going to start shooting revernuers, I’m saying that I can see it happening in say, Idaho or Montana with the militia types when Obama and co. start a repeat of Ruby Ridge and Waco and spreading.

Because back in the day, people didn’t have the intertubes or Foxnews (such as it is) disputing the gov’t line.

Now, I just don’t see people believing the gov’t line or just shrugging and saying, “They deserved it” as people, to my shame, took Waco and Ruby Ridge. They murdered a woman and child at Ruby Ridge and at Waco, they murdered children and there were no repercussions whatsoever.

I don’t see that happening again. Especially as this time, Ruby Ridge and Waco would be merely the beginning of the gov’t trying take away my Constitutional rights.

Molon Labe isn’t just a saying, it’s a philosophy.

  1. Kowboy says:

    Wounded Knee. 297 people, over 200 women and children

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