Gotta nuke something” posts first.

Brunei, fucking Brunei, is the chair of ASEAN this year and they’re bearding China in their den.

Brunei will pursue a binding code of conduct among competing South China Sea claimants as a top priority during its ASEAN chairmanship, officials said Monday.


So I guess having a feckless American president is causing others to stand up.  Of course, they need America to stand up for them when push comes to commie invasion.

Which leads to this, Obama’s been selling stuff to non-commies so

The key strategic aim of the “pivot”, experts contend, is to contain China’s maritime assertiveness and protect freedom of navigation in the Western Pacific, a global artery for trade and energy transportation. Yet the US’s strategic re-focus on Asia has paradoxically not only strengthened the hands of Chinese hawks calling for a more muscular counter-strategy but also emboldened the US’s regional partners, namely Japan, Philippines, and Vietnam, to push their claims more aggressively.



I have high hopes, but I’m just not sure if I trust that Obama fellow. Every time he’s been involved in an international dispute, from Honduras to Iran to Great Britain and more, he’s sided with the commies. but apparently at least some non-commies and non-Chinese commies think they can trust him.

Still, I’m not sure if I’d place my country’s future in Obama’s hands, especially as we see it heating up.

I had other possible nuke things going on, but I’m no longer in the mood so on to Le Ha Ha.

I love this one. I’m a little embarrassed it was commie Chinese and not good, old, American rednecks who came up with it though. We’re falling behind in the crazy use of weapons department.

Organisers of an ice festival in China’s northern Jilin province thought they were being clever by inviting tourists to use live chickens as shooting targets. Instead, it has sparked controversy and anger when people across the country learned about the cruel game.

The photos, published by major newspapers including The People’s Daily, showed people shooting arrows at live childrens at an ice park. In one photo, a chicken is seen struggling after being shot with two arrows.


Sputter. I mean, I love it, but did any of the people involved with this stop and say, “You know, maybe this isn’t such a good idea.”?

This is kind of a brutal, endy sort of Ha-Ha but since I’m happy when terrorists torture and kill each other instead of me, I’m calling this a win.

Then there are the prisons run by the armed opposition, filled with partisans of the Syrian regime. Inside these walls, people accused of committing crimes are being tortured and liquidated by their captors in the armed opposition.


In their own torture centers. That’s gosh darned endy and funny. I mean, I know they’re jihadis who are just grabbing anybody they don’t like, but at least some of them must be actual Syrian agents.

Another that’s not funny. But it is.

A 31-year-old Bronx man fell to his death yesterday while defecating between subway cars on a moving 6 train, cops said.


Is it wrong to hope he had a goatee, was wearing a vest and a vintage Quisp t-shirt?


And for the big finale, my very favorite type of Ha-Ha, global warmmongering ha-has.

Freezing weather with light snow flurries greeted about 200 climate activists gathered on the steps of the state Capitol noon Monday to demand the state Legislature get serious about climate change.

Just cuz the endy is getting worse doesn’t mean Gaia stopped hating Al Gore.
Not From Olympia, just a funny pic

Not From Olympia, just a funny pic

Don’t forget to point and laugh folks, schaden is the only freude you’re getting.

  1. Sockless Joe says:

    There’s just something pathologically stupid about the fact that the Global WARMongers always protest during the winter when they are likely to get snowed on.

    I mean, do these folks ever look at a calendar?

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