Round The Tubes: Guess The Theme Edition

Posted: January 23, 2013 by veeshir in FAIL, Filthy Hippies, Fun With Media, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, Moron of the Day, Notes on the Revolution, Obama's Fault

Let’s go round the tubes today, January 15 or so, 2013.

First, we see some unintentional hilarity/scariness. Via the puppy blender, with this link to a story about the coming revolution in China. With a “wink-wink/nudge-nudge’ involved, if you ask my personal opinion. Why is that? you ask?

I don’t like questions much, but this once I’ll let it slide and answer. The puppy blender quotes a bit, my comments in bold.

One key indicator is that those with access to the levers of power within the ruling order cease to believe in the religion or ideology that legitimizes the regime(like Dem voter fraud, fighting for voter fraud in the form of fighting against voter ID laws, prominent supporters ignoring the rule of law, like all the tax cheats in his admin, Holder and Obama skating on Fast and Furious, Obama and Hillary skating on Benghazi, David Gregory skating on blatantly breaking a DC law that all the Important People believe is stupid, (to enforce laws against Important People Making Points))). Another is that their underlings also gradually abandon the beliefs that render respectable the rule of their masters (I lived in DC and worked in the federal gov’t and deal with the DMV, bureaucrats hold us and the law in contempt, just look at the fucking EPA). This happened some time ago in China, and there very nearly was a revolution at the time of Tiananmen Square. Tellingly, the key players among the young at that time were often the children of party officials(you know, the Occutards). . . . The Tocquevillian account of revolution fits the Arab Spring, the eruptions in eastern Europe in the 1980s, and the collapse of the Soviet Union to a ‘T (Gee, which democracy did Tocqueville write about? I can’t remember, Australian maybe).


Huh, why he could almost be talking about America.

The article goes on to say this

Then, the crucial question is whether those in charge have the nerve to try to crush the rebellion and whether their underlings will follow orders. If the powers that be are hesitant, ambivalent, or divided, if their underlings are fed up, things can very easily come apart


China, remember, he’s  not talking about the gov’t taxing us to fucking death while giving the money to their supporters and trying to take away all our guns and us saying, “Fuck you.” He’s not Bob Owens after all.

RTWT. It’s a good article, about China and America, it also shows that while we’re pretty fucked, the rest of the world is exponentially more fucked.

Next, we have our fine, media betters just doing their job, attacking gov’t officials who say stuff they think is ridiculous.

In this case Terry Moran (of CNN, I think) is attacking Rand Paul (of Kentucky, I think) for attacking Obama (of America, I think). As Ace notes, it’s a question of standards. Rand Paul doesn’t meet them. We’re seeing the playbook against that stupid, snowbilly Palin being used against others now. And recall who helped those attacks, the establishment GOP. They don’t like upstarts anymore than the Dems do.


Now let’s point and laugh at NY.

First, we have this high-larity, via Say Uncle.  This is an onion of hilarity, there are so many layers with each being even funnier than the last. Well, except the last one. That’s less funny than the previous one but more funny than the one before that.

In the first layer we have the Dems vehemently and furiously denying they want to take all guns as they’re spreading their plans to take all guns and/or harass all legal gun owners. Sorta funny, but so predictable it’s the “why did the chicken cross the road” of the endily funny.

Then we have the fact that they shared it with a Republican, obviously secure in the knowledge that said Republican was of like mind and knew to keep stuff from the hoi polloi. Pretty funny but it loses something as it’s not new to anybody paying attention and seems new to those who don’t.

Then we have that they’re arguing it out in the papers. I mean, they’re talking about keeping the people from knowing about their position on taking all guns by calling the Repblican a meanie for wanting to tell people they want to take all guns. That’s the funniest part for me as I get to watch “journalists” say stuff that boils down to, “Well, he changed his position because of the polls and I think this new pander will work well with the voters. Don’t you likeminded, elitist douchetool?

Then, we have another “journalist” doing his job; protecting Democrats. The headline of the piece is that the Dems want the Republican to stop talking about their secret memo, but there is this in the article

But if Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is to be believed…


See, so even though the Dems admit the contents of the memo by the very act of trying to stop its publication, this piece of….’journolist’, has the fucking balls to write that.

Layers folks, it’s the suggestive sell of the Funniest End of Civilization Ever, it enhances your experience.

Next in NY (and journalistic malpractice) hilarity, we see that NY has very high natural gas prices just in time for the global worming caused extra-freezing conditions (formerly called, “Winter”). The article blames all manner of things, from Bush to cold to evil genies (I may not have read the article), but it doesn’t blame the one thing that might have been responsible for not providing more natural gas to NY.

The state fracking ban. You see, NY doesn’t need more natural gas or more jobs, they’re doing fine thank you and NY politicians smugly preening for the cameras over a totally bullshit enviro-wacking “concern” is far more important.


Last but not least,we have Day 2 of Lemur King ignoring his people’s murderous rampagedity. Not just ignoring the issue, but taunting all right-thinking people!!!!!! Recall that his murderous subjects attacked a child, and he writes a light-hearted post about his child!

The dastard!

Remember, don’t link him or talk about him or go to his site. And you should click through and tell him I said that!


  1. azmrmacs says:

    LK also hasn’t noticed that the Crab Louse is becoming an endangered species, or that CO2 doesn’t cause global warming, either. But you’d have to read my comments to his post
    But you wouldn’t recommend anyone do that, either.
    Should I try boycotting him as well? It seems to have worked for you very nicely.
    I can bring popcorn for this…
    azmrmacs a.k.a. wandering neurons

  2. This boycotting thing… is it working for you? I don’t get much traffic so I was wondering.

    The clip of the dem asking the rep to keep things hush-hush made me LOL. Then CRY.

  3. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    I would tell New Yorkers to come across the border because we’re doing lost of fracking in PA. But then I remember they are socialist nimrods, so I have to channel Eddiebear.
    FuckYouFuckYouFuckYouFuckYou with the righteous razorwire Fuckcock of Frackfucking Fury.
    Yes, that’s better.
    Lemur Who?

    • veeshir says:

      NYers have the gov’t they want, Penn is screwed if too many move there.

      My father is there and he’s what passes for a conservative amongst my family. He thinks that if there’s a chance of fracking being bad, it’s better to not do it.

    • Lemur King says:

      Geez, a guy has a few shitty weeks and everyone goes nuts. I’ve half a mind to boycott this two-bit blog.

      Oh wait, I already am.

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