Dethpicable is the theme of the day.

Updated later, I meant to include this seeming despicability, but it’s more nuanced.

Berlusconi, second longest Italian PM to Mussolini, said that aside from all the Jew-hatred, Mussolini wasn’t so bad.

People are all OUTRAGED!!!

Let me comment. I have lots of Italian family members (some might or might not be related), I have a ‘cousin’ in Italy who was with the Italian army in North Africa, there were probably others, but we drank some vino and talked about it. His version of WWII was wandering around Africa until they found some Americans to surrender to and then they threw a party. He really didn’t want to go there to fight, neither did his whole unit (corps? Division? Army?)

He, and all my Italian relatives who were alive in WWII, had the same attitude toward Mussolini, never did a better leader have a worse people. They all felt kind of bad they let him down. It’s a funny sort of deal. They’re all northern Italians, Sicilians might have a different attitude.

Now back to the post.

First up in our tour of the tubes, we have some cumming.

So Obama the other day casually mentioned how he goes skeet shooting all the time. Now naturally, the Minitrue employeed just nodded and cummed (they do that whenever Obama talks), but everybody not making their underwear sticky thought, “Well, that’s a lie”.

What we’re seeing is that Obama can literally say anything that pops into his head and the despicable Minitrue will just nod, cum and accept it so his lies are getting even more ridiculous. I anxiously await his telling some Minitrue tool about his first miracle.

Important update

Via Ace, we see The New Republic seeing a p-shop where someone took the golf club out of Obama’s hand and put in a shotgun, they then started cumming and posting one-handed about how this oughtta shut up them wingnuts.

Now back to our regularly, scheduled post.

Next we have something that illustrates so helpfully exactly how full of Jew-Hatred our tolerant, loving neighbors in EUnuchstan really are.

On Holocaust Day the London Times ran this cartoon showing a caricature Netanyahu (now with extra-Jewish features!) building a wall using the blood and bodies of the peaceful Egyptians and Jordanians who live in Gaza and the West Bank. The cartoon is so despicable, you would have to be steeped in hatred to not say, “Well that’s fucking despicable.”

Next in despicability, we see that ABC interviewed Menendez and didn’t ask about his problems with underage hookers. Further, they knew in March and April that he was being investigated but kept it quiet, can’t have voters get confused about whether to pull the lever for an (R) who wants to kill children or a (D) who just rapes them.

It’s For The Children of course.

Now we’ll have some global warmmongering despicability.  Now I figure that most of the adherents of that religion (who aren’t making money or power off it) actually have faith, it’s the poo-bahs who know the truth and lie out their teeth for power and money I find despicable. In that link, we see that electronic vehicles help curb global worming (made up problem) at the cost of raping the environment because of all the pollutionistical batteries.

Well duh. Any engineer could have told you that, further, I would dispute that it saves on green house gasses (plant food), making electricity ain’t free. Just cuz the car doesn’t spew CO2 doesn’t mean the electric generator down the road doesn’t.

I can’t do any more despicability, how about some hilarity?

Next we have talk about how Minitrue and other media outlets (TV, Movies, etc.) try to demoralize their hated enemies (me) but we can’t put up with it!

Me? My fellow Americans demoralized me when they voted for free shit and re-elected Teleprompter Jesus.

What the demoralizers don’t understand is that I’m not really demoralized, I’ve given up trying to stop the end or even hoping that we can avoid. See, I’m not upset that lefties rule, I’m more worried about what happens when their unsustainable programs stop. What happens when people who have been told for 60 years that they deserve free shit and they don’t get that free shit? Trouble, that’s what’s gonna happen, it’s gonna be ugly. I’m not joking at all when I say the asteroid is the best option.

Now we something that remoralizes me, at least lets me know there are people on my side.

Seattle had a gun ‘buy-back’ program (a lie in the title! They’re not “buying guns back” unless you accept that the gov’t owns everything and just lets us use some stuff for a while) and it ended up being a gun show. The cops were offering

$100 for handguns, shotguns and rifles, and $200 for assault weapons

So some freedom loving Americans were offering the people selling their dead grandfather’s guns a lot more than $100
for handguns, rifles and shotguns and were also offering over $1000 for that “$200 assault rifle”, so this “buy back” program was a roaring success. We saved more guns from being destroyed.

It’s funny how often capitalism surprises our fine political, social, intellectual and moral betters.

In further non-despicability blogging, a blegging.

For Buy a Gun Day, since my next gun purchases are going to be high end that I can’t afford, especially in the current climate, I think I’m going to get a sword (I might get a recurve bow as well).

I’m thinking of Cold Steel swords. I’m leaning toward this “Italian long sword” but this “Hand and a half sword” could be the choice.

Anybody have any ideas on where to get a good sword? I’ve heard Cold Steel is pretty good, nothing super spectacular, but good steel and good swords. I’m not going up against the Dread Pirate Roberts (or even Inigo Montoya), but I do want a nice sword and I don’t want a katana.

Now, the hotassery. Wyatt had a post on Taylor Swift and I realized that, even though she creeps me out, she’s freaking hot.

First we have her as a Roaring 20s fapper….ummmm… flapper.



Now, the illustrated Taylor Swift

taylor swif

  1. If you’re looking for some blades, give these a try. I’m not endorsing them, just found them interesting. Some expensive and impractical, some inexpensive and practical:
    And totally agree about the new MiniTrue! It’s getting really despicable, trying to find reliable, honest news any more, without going overseas. There’s always Drudge and Instapundit…

  2. azmrmacs says:

    Check spam bucket, please…

  3. Overload in CO says:

    Look at CAS Hanwei for the sword
    Cold Steel hasn’t impressed me.

    • veeshir says:

      How good are those? I’m not a big fan of overspending, but Cas Hanweis stuff is a fair amount cheaper, in general, is there a big quality difference?

      My buddy is big on knives and he said Cold Steel are serviceable but not great.

      • Overload in CO says:

        I trust Hanwei swords after reading many articles about them in Knives Illustrated, and examining them at the Blade Show. I know they have models designed for hard use and stage use. I’m not a fan of Cold Steel, but it’s due to the design of their products rather than their performance.

        • veeshir says:

          I really like the design of that longsword.
          I’m not planning on fighting Lord Humongous for the rule of the wasteland with it (I have guns for that), I just want a nice sword.

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