Round The Tubes: Puppy Blender Style

Posted: January 31, 2013 by veeshir in Conservatism, FAIL, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, GOP FAIL, Green Goofs, I'm Afraid I Can't Blog That, Mideast Madness, Obama's Fault, Queerblogging

I wanted to do Drudge style, but that’s not easy. I probably won’t even be able to do Puppy Blender Style.

Proof Obama has gone  skeet shooting(at least twice)  NPR gets excited.



(I worry for the dog*)

The UN doing what it does best: Jews Out of Judea.

Does anybody think this is on accident? “The Chicago home where the late President Ronald Reagan grew up is slated to be demolished and potentially turned into a parking lot for President Obama’s Library,

Minorities worth less to CNN:Many staffers were stunned when Feder constantly complained that the viewership of “Early Start” and “Starting Point” was “too ethnic,

Heh Increase in plant food grows more plants. Film at Eleven.

Personal foul: Illegal use of hands.Former NFL offensive tackle Kwame Harris reportedly was scheduled to appear in court Monday on assault charges stemming from an argument with his ex-boyfriend over soy sauce and underwear

Soy sauce and going out with guys. Hmmmmm. Lemur King was unavailable for comment.

Marco Rubio’s pander on immigration might be a good thing. I’ve heard that song before. I didn’t like it the  first eighty times.

Syria says Israel flew under radar level, I wonder if Israel stealthed their jets or have stealth jets. Syria did admit it was a weapons facility. direct strike on a scientific research centre in charge of raising our level of resistance and self-defence,

That’s it, for a true puppy blender style there would be about 40 more posts. How does he do it day after day, year after year? I can’t imagine. He does provide a valuable service, I hope he makes decent money from it. We certainly don’t see any of that sweet, sweet blog money. I figure AliceH keeps it all.

*This link and Pshop was from yesterday, I forgot it. That guy does great Pshops but has never once given me any firewood.

And yes, in case any of you were wondering, I do make myself laugh. I’m my own best audience.

  1. Lemur King says:

    If you’d stop the manic cycle of boycotting and creepy-lurking so you could pay more attention you’d have noticed that I did comment.

    That’s it… your inattention demands that the boycott be renewed afresh and reinforced. Boycott on, as of a minute from now.

    Razing a former Republican president’s former home in Chicago. What are the odds, huh? Surely you aren’t implying that someone would do that on purpose.

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