Why am I Pastor Pink?

Posted: January 31, 2013 by doubleplusundead in FAIL

Because you’re a cheap, classless bitch, that’s why!  Seriously, it’s no secret that if you’re in a large party, most chains run an auto-gratuity at somewhere between 15-20%, usually 18%.  This has been the case for a decade or more now, and we all know why that is.  The waitstaff has no control over that gratuity add-on in a chain, so why take it out on them?  And now this waitress gets shitcanned?  Pastor, I hope you become internet famous for this bullshit.  I think you will.  And I hope the waitress gets hired by someone else quickly.  I’ve never worked a day in a restaurant, and I fucking LOATHE non-tippers.  LOATHE. THEM.  No respect for themselves, or the waitstaff.

  1. Veeshir says:

    I never let it add that when I waited tables.

    For two reaspns. Mostly because I thought it was rude. Also because I usually got more than 20% so that would be a reduction.
    That only backfired once.

    • doubleplusundead says:

      A lot of the chain computers now don’t let you take that out. You’re lucky you were in a decent area tip-wise, but there are places that the auto-gratuity is a necessity because there are so many non-tipping shitbags, in some cases auto-gratuity is on all bills now. Friend of mine used to work in one of the Applebee-type places.

  2. AndyN says:

    I think people are focusing on the wrong thing. I’ve never eaten with a large party at a restaurant where this policy wasn’t announced in advance. At the point where you’re told that you’ll be charged a fee for service and you accept that service, you’re obligated to pay the fee unless you have a legitimate dispute about the service that you received. What this pastor did wasn’t just poor manners or un-Christian behavior (although it certainly was both of those, too). What she did was attempted theft.

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