First, a little middle east boom! Israel’s talking about hitting Syria again (as per the AP, I figure their opposition research found out about this). Here’s hoping.

As we’ve seen with the gun control ‘debate’. the American people have spoken while our pols are trying to figure out how much they can get away with. Case in point.

A bipartisan coalition of senators is working on a proposal to strengthen and expand background checks for potential gun purchasers

That’s the famous “Gun Show Loophole” where private individuals can sell their private, legally owned property, to another private individual without the gov’t being involved. And we can’t have that so naturally GOP Senators need to preen for the cameras and if it makes America a little less free? Well, that’s the price they’re willing to make us pay.

A letter from the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Benevolent Association to the feckless assholes running NYS.  ((PDF alert, this link is to Bob Owens and isn’t a PDF). It’s worth a read. They talk about the hurried nature of the passage and how it will make the police less safe as they will now have to confiscate millions of goods that were legally owned last week.

I absolutely love when they note tha semi-auto pistols with one (1) scary feature will require yearly registration.

“While it may come as a surprise to the authors of this legislation, most semi-automatic pistols do in fact come with a pistol grip…”

I’m pretty sure that’s Sheriffese for “You fucking booger-eating moh-ron”

And here’s the part that I was waiting for.

In conclusion, we would be remiss were we not to mention our outrage at the conduct of the Senate Republican Coalition…We have, in the past, always looked to the Republican party to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens…

See, there’s your problem right there. You haven’t been paying attention to the politicians you idiots and assholes have been electing.

In East Coast boom news, Jerry Rivers….Geraldo Rivera is thinking of running for Senate in NJ. Oh man do I hope that happens. No more of this pussy-footing around, let’s get down to the real end of civilization. The suspense isn’t good anymore, it’s just getting tedious. Besides, my stock of fresh water is getting stale.

Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha. This is hilarious. People get the gov’t they want.

Case in point, DC folks are afraid of freedom. If someone uses something in a scary manner, that thing must be banned!!!

So since some criminals use ski masks for their criminalizing, DC is thinking of banning….ski masks! That’s fucking hilarious.

I’m glad I read this article, I did not know this.

D.C. law already ban individuals — ages 16 and up — from wearing masks in public under certain circumstances, such as while committing a crime or with “the intent to intimidate, threaten, abuse or harass any other person.”

It’s against the law to wear a ski mask while you’re breaking the law. Bwahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhaha.
How funny, and scarily endy, is it when our ‘leaders’ think making something even more illegaller will stop it.
A truckload of fireworks intended for Lunar New Year celebrations went off Friday in a massive, deadly explosion that destroyed part of an elevated highway in central China,
Why is that good news? Because the fireworks usually blow up in the school where they’re made and kill a bunch of children.


Last, we have someone elucidating the obvious.

And it’s not me!

Nothing special, just an article where someone notices that maybe them wingnuts aren’t crazy talking about librul media.

I wasn’t going to link it, it’s really just rehashing shit I say with less cussing, but he ends with this.


It will be interesting to see how much worse things will get, and what will finally emerge from the wreckage.


Story of our times friend, story of our times.

I’ve been wondering that about a bunch of states and the country as a whole.


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