What’s red and tan, covered in sand and ready to go boom?

In “News Minitrue Must Hide” news, we see the Jawa Report doing the job CNN gets angry at people for doing.


Obama Foreign Policy! US Says Taliban Can be Part of Afghan Government as Taliban Murder 21 Outside of Mosque

That’s right, noticing reality. That’s a sin against the new order.

Interesting development in the leftist terrorists world.  (also via the Jawas)

A suicide bomber suspected to be a militant from DHKP-C organization blew himself up at the US embassy in Ankara this morning, leaving 2 people dead.

DHKP-C is a leftist, terrorist organization. One of the dead is a security guard, the other one is the terrorist himself.

Lefty-suicide bombers. Not sure how I feel about that. I do wish he had just killed himself and not involved the guy just trying to make a living.


Love this Townhall(yeah, I called them “Townhouse”  at first and changed it blame LK, he sucks anyway) vid about Gorequemada selling Current TV to Al Jazeera where he calls Al Jizz “respectable”, it’s especially funny since he wouldn’t sell to Glenn Beck because their views aren’t aligned.


Oh shit, Syria is giving even more weapons to Hezbollah.

The White House on Thursday warned Syria not to transfer weapons to Hezbollah

Yeah, so did Israel. They said it with bombs though. Balls. Israel has them.

Now this steams me off. Damn dirty Jews illegally harvesting organs from Eritrean refugees! Just like the Egyptians keep telling us!

the plight of refugees from Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea crossing the Sinai in an attempt to reach Israel

Poor bastards, they think getting to Israel means freedom!

Desperate refugees trying to cross the Sinai Desert are having their organs snatched while they are still alive by ruthless doctors, it has emerged.


Medics travel from Cairo to camps in the heart of the vast sands to harvest kidneys, livers, corneas and corneas from the helpless donors.

They then transport the organs back to Egypt in mobile refrigeration units where patients are waiting to receive them.

Wait, it’s the fucking Egyptians doing it while screeching about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? Wow. Color me utterly unfuckingsurprised.

In “Just Like Obama” news, the Egyptians have sicced the law on the makers of that youtube video that didn’t cause a riot.

Yay! Nothing like exporting our values. Or did we import theirs? Eh, either way, Allahu Akbar.

In non-middle east news, the people are revolting sire.

Assault-rifle owners statewide are organizing a mass boycott of Gov. Cuomo’s new law mandating they register their weapons, daring officials to “come and take it away,”

Seriously? NY? Hmmmmm.

I was always ambivalent on that law. It was fucking ridiculous (restricting pistols with pistol grips?) so that pissed me off.

But it was fucking ridiculous so it heartened me.

Either NYer’s go on their backs, wave their paws in the air and pee all over themselves (thereby admitting they’re serfs, thereby validating the low opinion their pols, and I, have of them), or they raise their hackles and bare their teeth.

I was betting on the paw waving thing, but the other could be the beginning of the end. Once Teh Peepul realize they don’t have to put up with every authoritarian diktat out of Albany, well, it’s katy bar the door and let’s go to NH for cigs, booze and Big Gulps with extra salt. Fuck you Cuomo and Bloomberg, we kept our guns so fuck off.

As that guy said yesterday, I’m wondering how bad it’s going to get and what’s going to emerge from the wreckage. I figure, a wall right around Newburgh, like Hadrian’s wall, keeping the NYC folks out of America would be a best-case scenario. We’ll just get Henry rifles out in a balloon or something.


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