So it’s Super Bowl Sunday and here are my predictions.

The most whiny super bowl, the Harbaughs are the whiniest bitches in footballl,  the most shots of a unindicted murderer (they’ll show him all day and talk about how fucking great he is), most faux prison tatts (Ray Lewis, if he weren’t good at football they be real prison tatts), and most talking about tatts (SF QB).

I’m rooting for the terrorists on this one.

So let’s go round the tubes, today, Sunday, January 34th. The theme is “Guns”.

First, a couple Say Uncle links.  (did you say “Uncle”? Say it!!!!! Say it!!!!!/Sam Kinison)

Phew, this means I’m not going to be alone.  When our fine, political, moral, intellectual and social betters get around to banning guns without smart safeties (that the police control) there are over 200 sheriffs who are already saying, “Go fuck yourselves”, and one of them is my sheriff! Paul Babeu of Pinal county, I think Sheriff Joe (of Maricopa) calls him “Minime” cuz Babeu does whatever Sheriff Joe does. Which I like. It’s funny teaching in a school with a bunch of kids with “Adios Arpaio” stickers all over their backpacks and knowing if they knew I liked him, they’d probably rend me limb from limb.

Next, an update on the revolting peasants in NY.  NY gun owners are really not happy about being made outlaws overnight with no debate and they’re actually talking revolution.

What NYC and Albany pols don’t understand is that upstaters have lots of guns. One of the jokes in the “You might be from upstate NY if…” is “Twice a year your kitchen is turned into a meat processing facility”.

You know, cuz they hunt a lot and eat what they kill. I would note that it appears that Ruger 10/22s are illegal in NY (10 rd mags), everybody has one of those or a Remington or Marlin with the 15-20 round tube mags to use on varmints. They’re all illegal now. That gun you got for your 12 year old to shoot the rabbits eating your field is now illegal.

A challenge.  Obama released that one photo of him shooting a gun and declared that it proved…uhhh… that he was lying when he said he shot skeet all the time as nearly as I can tell, but it got lefties all excited.

The challenge is that the God-King declared that it cannot be p-shopped. Sounds like a dare to me AliceH.

This guy notices something, the pic already looks p-shopped, if you look at his left hand (not right as the guy says), it surely looks like there are more than 5 fingers on that hand. That’s funny.

In Mexico we see what appears to be a huge step in the collapse of central authority.

Now, the gov’t of Mexico has always been kind of “hands off”, they take bribes and let criminals run things, but in that case Teh Peepul have formed militias and are patrolling their own lands. That’s the govt’s job and now the peepul are doing it. Makes me wonder what’s gonna happen when the gov’t comes and tries to collect taxes and shit. I mean, they’re just another armed bunch of thugs, so if you run off one gang, why not try to run off the next?

Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen are smiling somewhere.

Last but not least, we have the National Day of Resistance on 2/23 (get it? .223) They’re trying to get a bunch of gunny tea parties going on that day.

Have fun folks and as my buddy Scott says, “Support the local police, lay down covering fire”.

Gunny post needs a gunny pic.


  1. Sockless Joe says:

    The extra fingers are a false-flag p-shop. Look at the version on HotAir, for instance. Correct number of fingers.

    (And yes, that is *Obama’s* right hand, which is typically how one describes body parts – from the perspective of the subject.)

    It’s people like the dickheads who put extra fingers into photos who make us look bad. I want to bash their heads in with hammers. There are so, so, so many legitimate things to complain about, but they have people chasing their tails over stupid shit like that.

    • Veeshir says:

      I got the pic from the tumblr feed. Follow the Breitbart link to the source.

      • Veeshir says:

        Personally I couldn’t care less. One pic does not show he goes ‘all the time’ That lie still insults my intelligence.
        I would be unsurprised if he put in the extra finger on purpose.
        Getting people on irrelevancies was perfected by Bill Clinton and has been a standard tactic of Dems like Obama and CNN ever since.

  2. Lemur King says:

    If he’s a seasoned shooter who goes all the time I will personally apologize, veeshir, and claim you the winner of the boycott. I was going to mention fellatio but this is a family blog, right?

    He’s got crappy placement of the butt of the gun. Anyone who has ever had a rifle scope hit them in the eye or eyebrow could point that out easily (yes I know this is a shotgun). Pulling the trigger at horizontal usually means you just shot the guy setting traps in the ass or hit his bunker a good solid one. He also doesn’t hold his body like a seasoned shooter would – there’s no lean whatsoever.

    What a wanker.

  3. HayZeus says:

    Yannow, sockless said it in the post above this one but I just have to peel my tongue from the window here for a minute and agree with him. You’ve been bringing some tasty, tasty snark to this here crapblog on a daily basis and I appreciate that. Moar pls!

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