Et Tu Drute?

Posted: February 4, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, PEBKAC, Random Crap

Contrary to my family’s opinion, I like it when I’m not the only one who thinks something, I just refuse to ‘believe’ something because “everybody else does”.

So here’s to Drewm at Ace’s talking about the people who love me just as much as Nancy Pelosi does, the GOP establishment.

There’s a war on for the soul of the GOP and the old and entrenched guard is playing for keeps. Instead of trying to make peace with the various factions in the coalition they are picking fights like this and immigration that will only make things worse. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to make things better but these guys live in and around DC so they must know what they are doing. Everyone else should just shut up and get in line. Or something.

I’m going with “or something” Drew. Fuck em. Let them have their “inclusive” party that doesn’t include the people who’ve been voting GOP their whole lives ,which non-included folks are also the ones who have been sending in that money our betters use to live like the nobles they think they are.

So is this just a sucking of Drew’s dick? No! It’s two posts in one.

In honor of the Super Bowl, I thought I’d emulate the best players in the league.

I don’t want to shoot myself or get involved in rape or murder so I thought “I have a dog! I’ll be like Mike!”

So here we go. It’ll be long and full of pictures, so it’s below the fold. Only click if you are prepared to see horrific images of dog-fighting.


My lawyer said I should address certain allegations here.

There have been reports that Kago was not, in fact, 35-0 against stuffed animals but was 34-1 and I lied to drive up the odds.

This report is entirely false, libelous and slanderous. It must stem from an early bout with one of Kago’s first stuffed animals.

On the day in question Kago was giving the teddy bear his early-morning ass-kicking as I surfed the tubes nearby. I then came to hear Kago yelping, yipping and yiping in such a manner that I thought he was being skinned.

Upon investigation I discovered that the teddy bear had wedged his own head under the couch and then pinned Kago beneath his body.

As the bout was a “free fight” bout, the use of furniture disqualified the teddy bear and Kago was declared the winner. I hope this dispels the rumors and refutes claims that I lied. Now, back to the post.

I bring you………..The Unrest in the West!

In this corner, we have Kagogi, “Kago” the Destroyer! AKA Dickhead, HEY!-cut-that-out! and Bad-Dog.


Kago is 80 lbs of claws


muscle, fur and tail


But mostly fur and tail.

Kago’s biggest regret is that trash can with the chicken bones he didn’t get into that time.

In this corner, we have Izzy, AKA, “Awwww-how-cute”


Izzy is 40lbs of brown-eyed love


Izzy’s greatest regret is the loss of her tail and subsequent hip and lower back problems she’ll have later in life from wagging her whole body. Constantly.

Vegas has the odds at 34-1 for Kago with an over under of 30 seconds. They’re calling it “Tyson/Bruno II”.

The pre-fight sniffs are underway!

prefight sniffs

Kago had pork, chicken and some rice last night as well as Pedigree adult dog food. Izzy had pork and Iams adult formula.

Let’s Get Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeady To Tuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssslllllllllllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kago comes out strong, going for the quick knock-out!


Izzy fights back!

ain't taking shit

Kago goes for the Vulcan neck pinch!


Uh-oh, Izzy’s in trouble! Could this be the end?

izzy in trouble

Wait! Izzy with the reverse!


Kago goes down! Kago goes down!

kago goes down

Oh the humanity, someone stop this!

oh the humanity

The ref is calling it folks, Izzy’s the champion!

Disclaimer, only Kago was harmed in the making of this post, and he deserves it.

  1. MikeD says:

    I don’t mean to alarm you, but after seeing that close up of Kagogi’s paw, I think we can say that’s not actually a dog. What you have there is a small black bear.

  2. […] buddy Warren is moving to a farm in MD with Kago’s best buddy and he said Kago would be welcome, he’s one of Kago’s 3 favorite people, not counting […]

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