Round The Tubes: My Own Worst Enemy Edition

Posted: February 4, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things

I didn’t make a New Year’s resolution but the last election was cathartic so I’m trying to post more. Giving up is a relief. I actually thought America was looking at things and waking up, but they re-elected Give Me Stuff so now I’m all like that guy said the other day, watching to see how bad things get and what emerges from the rubble.

I didn’t start a blog years before joining here because every now and then I take weeks off the intertubes, but having given up I won’t have to do that so I want to do posts every day and I like doing round the tubes posts because I don’t have to pay too much attention to any story or even read the links.

I’m living in a total state of denial, I know what’s going on in the world, but we’re now at the point of just watching it go bad. To fix the fundamental problems with just the welfare state 20 years ago would have been painful, 10 years ago very painful, 5 years ago dangerously painful, now it’s just dangerous. There are many tens of millions of people who think they deserve my stuff and they aren’t going to be happy when I have nothing to give them and the gov’t cannot get it from “The Rich” because they don’t have enough either.

So, round the tubes using my new life philosophy.

First we have something that fully justifies my new stance.  It’s Ed Driscoll talking about a few of the more ridiculously endy things going on in our foreign policy establishment. He quotes the Anchoress (I wouldn’t have know it was her except Driscoll said that)

So, what? So what if, during an election season, we told the nation an untruth for an entire week, when we could have just queried thirty consulate evacuees and gotten our facts straight in a day? So what if we have been touting our defanging of Al Qaeda while blurring over the fact that Al Qaeda was connected to the attack? So what?

So fucking what? I’m just a member of the vast right wing conspiracy (I have the shirt to prove it) so my opinion doesn’t count. The only opinions that count are those of the people who just made a lot of noise and then affirmed John effin Kerry.

Holy Moly Terrorists in California vandalizing gov’t property! Let’s hear from one of the terrorists

Seems to me that such a program can only be justified if there are demonstrable facts that prove that they raise the safety awareness and decrease accidents in our city,” Filner said of the cameras. “The data, in fact, does not really prove it.”

Damn right wing tea bagging sack of….oh wait… that’s the mayor at the press conference where he announced they were taking down their videotrafficops.

Wow! A mayor who actually thinks  law enforcement is about safety and not revenue generation!!!!!!!!!!!  And he’s in California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit. That’s certainly the minority view in today’s city gov’ts.

Greenies preen. Lights go out. Watched by 3rd largest audience ever!

Too bad the assholes showing the game never mentioned that, but you can’t go against the state religion if you want to work again. I’m actually glad Simms didn’t notice that (I assume, I didn’t watch the whole time), because he’s the best announcer in football and losing him would suck.

While I heartily agree in the mistrust of our pols and the nearly reverent respect for our military, as the puppy blender notes, this is not actually a good thing.

We have the worst political class ever, and our most respected institution is the military. That’s not a good set of circumstances.

Yup. The reverse would be worse, just look at the 70s, but that’s bad especially since the elected pols are doing their best to piss us off.

Speaking of which.  This is good paranoia from World Net Daily. 10 years ago they were decent, that’s where I first saw Neil Boortz and some others, but now they’re just conspiracy theorists who want to sell me 60 days of food and gold.

That post links Obama talking about his civilian army with the gov’t stockpiling ammo. At first I thought it’s too paranoid, but then I remember that worry I’m not paranoid enough. It’s just crazy enough to be something Obama would thnk of (chicago machine recall) but the execution would be abysmal.

Sticking guns into the hands of a bunch of union thugs might work when you’re talking 10 thugs and 100 ‘scabs’ just trying to make a living, but siccing a bunch of union thugs on America isn’t going to go so well. As Zane Grey wrote a lot of outlaws found out, treeing an armed town is a lot harder than it sounds.

Here we have Minitrue doing what they do best, noticing something for the first time and getting all excited about how WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!! It’s about how baboons are suddenly! attacking villages all of a sudden, unlike in the past.

Nope. Baboons have been attacking villages since there have been villages as nearly as I can tell. I do wish I had my photo album from my trip to Kenya in 1984 (way before digital) , I left it at my buddy’s house and I’ll pick that box up next time I’m back there.

I have a great picture from a camping beach near Mombasa of a baboon reaching into a woman’s tent as she stands there scolding him. It was very funny to watch.

She must have left food in there because the baboon sat outside and kept reaching in and grabbing stuff. He’d grab something, take it out, look at it, throw it over his shoulder and reach in for something else. He just kept doing it until he found the food. The lady was screaming at him, he just looked at her. Then she yelled at us to help but I’m not going to go fuck with a fucking baboon because that moron left food in her tent. Jeez. Various medium to small primates love to get close to people, they like people food.

Let’s end with some funny.

Some folks took up The Obama Challenge and p-shopped his ridiculous shotgun picture. Lumberjack has my second favorite. (the favorite is Bugs Bunny, Daffy just doesn’t get any respect)


Stoaty Weasel joins in, but I don’t think it’s one of her better ones. I was expecting to have to clean my screen off.

Important update: Obama shot first!

han copy

Speaking of that picture, I have a picture of me on TV (from a Christmas homecoming bit at La Guardia on CBS news  in 1979), that means I’m on TV all the time.


  1. Mitchell says:

    Yeah, I’ve become somewhat fatalistic about this stuff.

    Not that you need it, but here’s another endy that’s not at all funny: 7 year old gets suspended.

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