Willful Retardation

Posted: February 4, 2013 by veeshir in Notes on the Revolution, This Is My BOOMSTICK!

Man am I jealous I didn’t think of that. I use “willful ignorance makes you look stupid” but willful retardation?

I love it. It’s much more descriptive of the phenomena of people refusing to acknowledge reality. You know, like making it a crime to wear a ski mask while you’re committing a crime.

The guy who used that term has a youtube channel, whatever that is, where he talks about gunny stuff.

In this vid he’s talking about how we know the names of mass shooters and don’t know the names of the people who stop them but he has some excellent turns of phrase. Seriously, and I’m a person who really appreciates a short phrase that tells a long story.

I saw it at the Firearm Blog.


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