A Trope, A Hope, and Hotassery-Ope

Posted: February 7, 2013 by veeshir in Exploding things, Funniest End of Civilization Evah, Hotassery

I promised to explain a comment, on the trope that “Quantity has a quality all its own” I said, “Bzzzzt. Wrong answer”.

I’ve heard it intoned tendentiously all my life, as if it’s a truism. So when exactly did quantity defeat quality?

Plataia? Marathon? Nope and nope. Whenever hoplites met anybody they kicked their ass. Until they met Roman Legions.

The entire run of the Roman Empire was quality kicking the shit out of quantity. 5,000 Romans turn 25,000 German barbarians into hamburger, Film at eleven. When they lost, it was to quality (Etruscans, Hannibal/Carthage) or they didn’t use their quality (Varus losing in the German Teutoberger Forest, three legions strung out as if they were marching from Rome to Ostia.) Then they fell because they lost their quality, their ranks were filled with barbarians, not Romans, proud and true.

The British Empire was a long streak of quality beating quantity. Rorke’s Drift, anyone? The Brits, small island, conquered India, gigantic sub-continent, using quality. They gave up their quality.

The Tet Offensive was quantity going after quality. It was a huge defeat for the Viet Cong until Walter Cronkite pulled their chestnuts out of the fire.

And if you look at all those examples, their enemies had similar weapons tech. Even the Indians had guns. But superior training and coordination win every time.

So where are we now? Some people use crappy, commie Russian stuff. Some people use superior US/Japanese/Taiwanese/Israeli tech.

So what happens when crappy commie meets superior? I can’t find the article, but something like 2 Abrams were ambushed by at least 20 Iraqi-manned Russian T-whatever tanks and the 2 Abrams kicked their asses. I think someone scratched an Abrams.

Our planes from like 2 generations ago, the F-15, are still some of the best warplanes in the world. Our F-18s can shoot you down before you even see them. Our subs are quiet, quiet, quiet. Our missile defenses are excellent, radar controlled mini-gun anti-missile defenses on our ships are freaking awesome. They’ll be going up against crap Russia designed more than 20 years ago (and were outgunned even then), sold to the Chinese, whose workers know better than to do a great job (their boss will take the credit and send them to do census work in the Uighur’s province in case they decide to try to take credit), so…

Iit’s shit systems taken care of by shit workers used by shit soldiers who don’t get trained going against state-of-the-art stuff manned by people who have about 1,000 times as much time in their systems as their enemies.

It won’t be bloodless, but it’ll be brutally lopsided if China goes after Japan. Especially since it’s a naval war where tech is even more important. Although the idea of China invading Japan is a little brutally hilarious. Guys in schoolgirls outfits and girls in anime outfits kamikaziing on Chinese tanks.


Now, a hope.

Last month I mentioned an asteroid that was going to ‘just miss’ us the day after Valentine’s Day.  Well, it’s getting closer and scientists are starting to hedge their bets on the whole ‘miss’ thing.

“If it did hit…it would be about equivalent to a 2- to 3-megaton nuclear weapon,” Betts says. “So about 200 times the Hiroshima blast in terms of energy released.”

But it’s not going to. He thinks. But if it did, and he’s not saying it will, make sure you head for a high mountain and bring lots of food. Totally unrelatedly, he’s taking his wife to Pike’s Peak for a cooking seminar on Valentine’s Day. More

Betts says he thinks DA14 probably isn’t one of the more dangerous, metallic asteroids

Translation: It’s coming right for us!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!!!!
And the ‘punch’line.
Betts estimates that …2012 DA14 strikes Earth,….. “That could be tomorrow…” he says.
Keep your fingers crossed. You have to admit, it’s kind of funny and endy that you’ll be buying gold the day before Smod gets here, if you think about it.
And now the hottassery-ope.
First, there’s been a disturbing development in the “Ebisu Muscats” situation.
The disturbance is in my…..wait, I’m not wearing pants. But if I were, that’s where the disturbance would be!
I decided to go in and do a search for their pictures. Surprisingly, it’s a lot less disturbing than the search the other day for “japanese men schoolgirl outfits”.
Lover the teddies.
Velly nice.
They’re so adorable you can forget they’re Japanese porn stars so they’ve been involved in some of the most sick, twisted, demented, fucking non-understandable porn with all manner of weird things shoved into all manner of weird places on their bodies in all manner of fucking weird ways.
  1. Mark E says:

    “It won’t be bloodless, but it’ll be brutally lopsided if China goes after Japan. Especially since it’s a naval war where tech is even more important”

    You are making the unwarranted assumption that His Bigearness will side with our ally Japan and not the country / regime diametrically opposed to our interested.

    OTOH, there has to be a first time for everything.

    But after his domestic policies, support of the attempted communist take over in Honduras; support of moslem terrorist parties in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Pockestan, Egypt and Libya; and insults to our European, British, Israeli, Australian and Japanese allies; I wouldn’t put it past the Kenyan to launch a first strike against Tokyo.

    • veeshir says:

      Actually, I was counting on Bigearness to sit it out. Japan and also Taiwan have some badass stuff, but I see your point.

      Now I’m worried, would it be Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the US against China, North Korea and the US?

      Obama does like fighting both sides of a war.

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