In “You have to ignore reality to believe this shit” news, we have our fine betters in EUnuchustan explaining that all them dead Jews are from the armed wing of Hezbollah, not the real group.

The “armed wing” bullshit has baffled me for my whole life.

Back when Gerry Adams was claiming that he wasn’t in the IRA but his political group wanted all the same things and really, isn’t it England’s fault that they’re killing babies? and the IRA is the armed wing of the Sinn Fein and we can’t control them and….. The “Gerry Adams” link above is about a woman who said, “Yeah Adams was an IRA terrorist” and then she committed suicide by shooting herself in the back 4 times  or something.

So who you gonna believe? EUnuchs or your lying eyes?

Another bullshit “It’s all about sex” deal. The Menendez deal has all manner of corruptionistical facets involving all manner of Democratic politicians. I can’t summarize that link, it’s full of tawdry dealings in $millions involving Dem pols and the Florida eye doctor.

So naturally it’s all about sex. Who you gonna believe? CNN or your lying eyes?

Eh, I can’t go any farther, I had a few more links but I just get sick of being called names because I notice reality.

So let’s get down, let’s get funny.

Via the Jawas, we see a link that’s hilarious. Until you think about how global warmmongers might try to ‘fix’ things based on this stupidity.

There are concerns that earthworms increase greenhouse gas emissions, which troubles scientists since earthworm numbers are on the rise.

So earthworms cause global worming? Heh. Vindication!

Why that scares me is that global warmmongers will decide we need to sterilize the soil to kill all the earthworms to save the world. They can do that right after they seed the ocean with iron and kill all the plankton. If SMOD doesn’t get here soon, we’re gonna do it ourselves and that’s just not funny enough.

In “Welcome to the 12th century” news, we have Kashmiri Muslims working on joining the last millenium (they’ll get to this one real soon)

An Indian high school all-girl rock band have quit after a senior Muslim cleric issued a fatwa against them and branded them “indecent”.

See? They didn’t kill those indecent girls! Hell, they even managed not to throw acid in their faces or honor-rape them.

Now that’s progress!

In Good On Ya Mate! news, we have our favorite Aussie Publican sticking up for our guns and saying “Fuck you” (I think, I’m not really sure if that’s the proper translation from the original Australian) to the Aussie wine ‘seller’ who pulled his wines from the NRA wine club.

The wine list at the Wayside Tavern (one of the better wine lists in Qld) will no longer include anything from Yalumba.

I really want to go to Queensland and find this bar.

In “Life Imitates TV” news, we have some scary hilarity.

In the first one I have to give a mea culpa.

I watched Boardwalk Empire the last two seasons, decent show. In one season he was having problems with the justice dept so he hired a lawyer the uber corrupt attorney general suggested. Cut to Menendez news.

In one key move, Menendez has begun to rely for guidance on trusted aides and former advisers, including one who is very close to Attorney General Eric Holder.

I’ve been saying it’s Chicago-machine politics but they’re doing Atlantic City machine politics. Boy is there egg on my face.

In the scariest hilarity we’ve seen all…day, life is imitating cartoons now!

Recall when cloned Homers were going to KILL US ALL!

Then cloned Benders were going to make us all kiss their shiny metal asses and then KILL US ALL!!

So it’s The Funniest End of Civilization Ever, what sort of clones would actually KILL US ALL!!!?

A Brazilian city is in the midst of a bizarre crime spree where all the criminals are called John Lennon.

Rampaging John Lennons! There’s a phrase I bet you thought you’d never read.

That’s hard to top, but Jay at MArooned managed it.

Skeet Shooting Obama Action Figure!

Sorry, I have to stop now, I was going to do some hotassery and explain a comment from yesterday but once you’ve posted rampaging John Lennons and Skeet Shooting Obama Action Figure it’s time to stop. I’ll have more later on.


Update: I had forgotten where I got the Rampaging John Lennons story, Stoaty Weasel.  She gets all the best links.

  1. AndyN says:

    I’m not sure how you’re baffled by the armed wing thing, it makes perfect sense.

    When the Democratic party formed the KKK, not every Democrat had the means or opportunity to string a colored fella up from a tree or burn a cross in his front yard. Of course the Democratic party as a whole had (still has, for that matter) the same objectives as the Klan, but many of them recognized that there was a certain decorum that should be recognized when subjugating the inferior among us. It’s simply poor manners (not to mention horribly inefficient) to blow undesirables up a few at a time in their churches instead of quietly voting for laws that will encourage them to cannibalize their own communities from the inside.

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